Small dining room ideas that will make the most of any space

4th January 2018

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Your small dining room, believe it or not, is a truly multi-functional space. You will eat in there, entertain in there, as well as perhaps work and create in there. For busy families it can be a playroom and a craft room too; there are so many options. So when you think about the style and design of your dining room, you need to think about how you want it to look and what the end goal for the small dining room is.

Small dining room ideas

The problem can be when it is quite a small dining room, though. How can you make the most of the space, without it being too cramped, cluttered, and squashed? Here are some design ideas and tips to help.

Small dining room ideas that will make the most of any space

Round Up!

If you want to make the most of the space you have, and even create the illusion of space, then going for a round dining table could be a better option than a large rectangular one. You could also go for dining chairs without arms, like some of the ones in the winter range from Danetti, for example. They don’t have the ‘block’ look when they don’t have arms, so they can create, or at least look like they are creating, more space. So look for things that can be more rounded, and it will make the most of the space.

Use Every Inch

Using every inch of a room doesn’t mean that you have to make it look cluttered. It just means that from the floor to the ceiling, there is space that you can make the most of (you don’t always have to though). You can free up space with wall hung lighting, for example, that can move and be pivoted to shine on the table. It removes the need for a pendant light in that instance, as an example.

You can use floating shelves around the room to display the things that you need to, as well as the things that need to be kept off the floor. In small rooms, shelving can often work better than a sideboard and bookcase, for instance, as shelves don’t take up floor space.

Think of Colour

Colour in a room can have an effect on our mood, but also on the look of the room. Small rooms can be made to look even smaller with the wrong colours. Think about dark red walls, for example with a similar carpet; it can shrink the room massively. Keep colours light and bright, to open up the space. A monochromatic look can be a good idea in a small room, where walls are white but accessories are black, as it gives the vibe of a minimalist and modern look.

Use Your Window

Who says that your dining table has to be in the middle of the room? You could use your window and create a window seat area for your table. It can look really cute and pretty when done in the right way, and it will open up the rest of the room, to add some statement features like a fireplace or other seating.

Small dining room ideas that will make the most of any space

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