5 ways to simplify your autumn-winter house move easier

16th November 2018

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Moving house pre-Christmas. Are you mad? Believe it or not, quite a few people are keen on moving house around this time of year. You’d think with everything we have to do in the run up to the 25th December, it would put us off. But, the temptation of being in a cosy, perfect new abode when the morning comes around, is enough to encourage us to make the move.

While your image of opening presents in your forever home is a beautiful one, it might be that you’ve not looked at the bigger picture. Christmas is, while magical, inherently stressful, so if you want your autumn-winter move to go swimmingly, you’ve got to be sure to put plans in motion before all suppliers shut down into Christmas mode and friends and family become pre-occupied with their own commitments.

It’s going to be one heck of a panic to get things perfect for Christmas, but here are just five things you can do to make things easier on yourself during the move.

How to move home before Christmas

1. Get a mover

Ask around for removal quotes now. Get a mover booked in before they decide no one’s interested and book in their annual leave. Don’t be the person who gets stranded lugging all of their belongings in an old estate vehicle a la an 80s Christmas movie. When you get a mover, everything is packed up, transported, and delivered, generally to the room of your choice. It sounds simple, and it is, but it makes the whole moving house malarkey so much easier.

2. Don’t host Christmas dinner

Just don’t. You might have an urge to invite everyone to your new home for Christmas lunch, but don’t do it. Avoid it. Eat anywhere, entertain anywhere, pick up the bill anywhere, but your new home. You will feel the moving house stress ten-fold, as you not only have to get straight but make your home entertaining-worthy. It’s just not worth it. There’ll be many more years to come.

3. Order key items early

Whether we’re moving home or not, lots of folks like to have new cookers, carpets, sofas, in time for Christmas. If you are moving home and you desperately need these staple items as necessities, then be sure to go and order what you need as soon as you know your moving date to avoid disappointment.

4. Enjoy NYE out

Just like Christmas dinner, rather than putting pressure on yourself to host New Years’, just bite the bullet and go out for this one. Sure, wherever you go will be heaving, but if you like to socialise and see the new year in, do it out. Otherwise, tuck up in your new bed, grab a glass of something sparkling, and celebrate all you’ve achieved in 2018.

5. Keep things cosy

And on that note, Christmas is a time when we feel that we have to fit everyone in, do the rounds, and keep everyone pleased. Moving house is the perfect opportunity (read: excuse) to take the season out and just enjoy doing things your way in your own home. Friends and family will understand you’re tired and busy from the move. So, kick back, light the fire, warm up some mulled wine, and enjoy a low key Christmas in your new home.

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