A Few Favourite Things – Rhian Westbury

5th January 2018

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Welcome back to my A Few Favourite Things series.  This week I have Rhian from Rhian Westbury showcasing her favourite things.  Pop over to her fabulous Five Things series each week covering a range of things happening in her life.

A Few Favourite Things – Rhian Westbury

My name is Rhian Westbury and I blog over at www.rhianwestbury.co.uk

I work full time in a digital marketing role alongside working freelance running a large music website and copywriting. My blog is my bit of space on the internet where I have complete creative control and covers mainly travel and lifestyle topics with a bit of beauty in there.

I am a huge music lover and although I’ve stepped down my live music obsession a bit (being a bit pickier) I still go to 2-5 shows a month and about 3-4 festivals a year to keep my obsession burning.

My other main passion is travel and I love planning trips and going away to explore new countries and areas.

A Few Favourite Things - Rhian Westbury

Favourite room in your home

My favourite room in my house is probably my open plan kitchen/ living room because it’s the place where I spend the majority of my time and it’s the main room where things happen. For example, I spend my time here cooking fresh meals at dinner time with my boyfriend, I snuggle up on the sofa to watch a movie, I stand at the table styling images for my blog and I do most of my work from the comfort of my sofa.

I bought a brand new L shaped sofa last year and it’s one of the best things I’ve bought as it’s so comfortable and there’s such a lot of room to sit, lay and relax.

Favourite trend

I absolutely love the minimalistic look and having perfectly styled shelving but it’s not me as I just have too much stuff. I like ornaments and Knick knacks so my style is a bit more eclectic with a mixture of modern technology and random items.

A Few Favourite Things - Rhian Westbury

Favourite thing you own

My favourite things I own are either my new car which I bought new last February, it’s something I worked really hard to save for and every time  I see it I feel really proud of myself. My other favourite item is my MacBook as I just can’t be disconnected from the world and since getting a MacBook about 4 years ago I know I could never go back to a non-Apple computer.

Favourite colour

My favourite colours are pink and grey and I think they’re both so versatile with shades but they also work really well together. Pink has always been my favourite colour and while it used to be more of a Fuschia colour now I prefer a darker more burgundy shade or pale pastel pink which is reflected in the towels and items in my bathrooms. I used to love black but just find it quite harsh in the house now which is where my love for grey has come in and all my bedding is grey and one day I’d love to have a grey feature wall in a room.

A Few Favourite Things - Rhian Westbury

Favourite season

My favourite season without a doubt is Autumn as I love it when the days start getting a little colder so you have to wrap up in layered clothing and can snuggle up with blankets, but not so it’s too cold that you can’t feel your fingers when you’re out. Halloween, Pumpkin smells and the lead up to Christmas all happen in Autumn and for me, I find it such a magical time as it’s the time where you can stay indoors with a hot chocolate with candles burning watching your favourite movie.

Favourite about where you live

I live in Watford which is about a 20-minute train ride away from central London and I absolutely love where I live partially for the proximity to London. I can just jump on a train and head to gigs, go to the theatre or hit up Oxford Street without having to plan it too much. I’ve lived in Watford my whole life though so everything I know is here, my parents and close family live here and most of my friends are still relatively local so it’s a good place to see everyone.

A Few Favourite Things - Rhian Westbury

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