Simple ways to update your kitchen without the mess or cost

7th January 2019

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Most families spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It is the centre hub for eating a meal or getting a snack, but it is more than that. Kids tend to come in the kitchen and hang out, do their homework or just to be around everyone. Guests come to the kitchen the chat while a meal is being prepared.

With most houses having an open concept approach to design, it means that the kitchen can be a beautiful spotlight of the house or something you wish you could pull a curtain and hide it away. While it most people would like to go with kitchen units, there are simple fixes to creating a better-looking kitchen until you are ready for complete remodel of the kitchen.

imple fixes to creating a better-looking kitchen

Add a Rug

If you hate the look of your floor, but doing a complete floor repair isn’t an option right now, try adding a colourful rug. A colourful rug can give people something to look at besides the floor you hate. It can add a pop of color and make the area look freshers.

Replace the Hardware

Get new knobs and pulls for the cabinets and drawers. Replacing the hardware with something more decorative or modern can make the cabinets look better. This is especially true when the cabinets are contractor grade and look bland.

Replace the taps

While taps are not something people think of every day, a change to the tapware can change the look of a kitchen. While faucets are not always inexpensive, with a starting cost of £50 to high-quality faucets costing £200, this is an investment into something you use every day. It can be a new look and feel to the space while not breaking the budget.

Replace the Kitchen door

If the doors in your kitchen are looking a little tired and beaten up. You might want to consider looking at replacement kitchen doors, both in showrooms and online on places like the Lovech website. Adding new doors can create a cleaner, sleeker look to your kitchen without the cost and hassle of a full refit.

New Lighting

If you feel like the kitchen is dim or has bad lighting, switch out the light fixtures. Some kitchen has an overhead light or a light fixture that the owners just hate, but think that it is hard to change out the lighting. It is much easier than it sounds. In addition to changing the overhead lights and fixtures, think about adding under cabinet lights too.

Fix What’s Broken

one of the fastest and most practical ways to make a kitchen look better is to fix what’s broken. Anything that has gotten to the point that pieces are broken off or just hanging on, it is time to fix it. Things like a broken paper towel holder or a broken shelf can make everything look worse.

A few small and relatively inexpensive changes to your kitchen can breath new life into how it looks. With the kitchen being the centre of a home, it is important that you like what you see. Visit kitchen specialists Kitchen Warehouse for further inspiration.

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  • Rachel 7th January 2019 at 3:30 PM

    I’ve been looking at replacing the doors on my kitchen units rather than the whole kitchen, because everything is white, some of the marks are hard to remove!

  • Kate 7th January 2019 at 4:40 PM

    Replacing cabinet doors is such a great way to quickly change the whole look of the kitchen!

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