Preparing Your Bedroom For A Good Night’s Sleep

18th May 2018

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When focussing on your bedroom design and decor, a few simple tweaks here and there can really improve your ability to get a restful and good night’s sleep. We have some advice for you here, so if you have been struggling to get your z’s recently, you may pick up some useful tips to help smooth your transition to the land of Nod.

How to prepare your bedroom for a good night’s sleep

Give your bedroom a makeover

Give your bedroom a makeover, especially if the colours, decor and furnishings are becoming a little too drab and boring. By reading some of the bedroom decoration tips on our website or by having a look at this year’s bedroom trends, you won’t have any more sleepless nights worrying that your bedroom is not the attractive (and comfortable)  place it used to be.

Eliminate clutter

Eliminate any clutter that is littering your bedroom. You won’t be able to sleep at night if you continually notice something isn’t where it should be, and you certainly won’t sleep if you’re up half the night tidying away the stuff that is distracting you from heading into slumberland. As we discussed in our space-saving article, you could increase your storage space, such as adding shelving or buying a bed that has a built-in drawer. Clutter be gone!

Room temperature

Room temperature can affect the way you sleep, especially if you’re roasting underneath your blankets. Instead of sweating it out and hoping sleep arrives soon, install a ceiling fan to cool down the temperature. Alternatively, invest in some lighter bedding, including cotton sheets, to reduce the irritability caused by the higher temperatures, especially during those heated summer months.

Block out the light

Experts say that light sources will severely restrict your ability to sleep. It’s something to do with melatonin (google it) which plays havoc with your sleeping pattern. To counter it, you need to darken the room as much as possible, using blackout window shades (or an impromptu blanket) to stop the light from getting in.

Another good idea is to buy a sleep mask, preferably made from a comfortable material, such as silk or satin, to complement your rest. Then change your bedroom habits, such as watching tv in bed or browsing the internet, as these light sources will have negative effects on your sleep pattern too, long after you have turned them off. Read a book instead, or do a little meditation to rest your frazzled mind.

It’s all so quiet

Block out any troublesome sounds, such as the cars outside, by replacing your windows with something with thicker glazing to reduce the noise. If that isn’t an option for you, invest in a white noise machine instead, those handy devices that pipe out calming sounds to help you fall into a deeper, good night’s sleep. Aside from the sounds outside, you may have to contend with a sleeping partner snoring next to you as well. Rather than relegating them to the spare room, recommend a better sleeping position (on the side), and buy yourself some comfortable earplugs to block out the infernal noise they are making.

We hope these tips have been useful to you, especially if you have been struggling to sleep recently. With a few lifestyle and decor choices, your chances of getting some decent shut-eye will be improved. Take care, and thanks for reading.

Preparing your bedroom for a good night’s sleep

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