5 ways to boost your workout motivation

21st January 2021

When you are struggling for workout motivation, you are not alone. The truth is that not everybody in the world gets out of their daily routine and energetically jumps into workout sessions.

How to motivate yourself in times of failure

18th January 2021

Failure is an inevitable truth in the path of life. Everyone who has tasted success has also faced one or many failures in their journey. It might have brought pain, humiliation or thought of losing all efforts at once, but those who have learnt from failures have mastered life.

The need for setting monthly goals in life and how to set them

1st January 2021

A month might seem like a little time for someone who is extremely busy each day of the year but monthly goals are really important. Many of us set long time goals in life and tend to ignore setting goals for the next month. Through this article, we help you understand the need for monthly goal setting and how to set goals for yourself.