Creating a lockdown capsule wardrobe

10th October 2020

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Capsule wardrobes are the reflection of your personal choices. Although it has been noticed that the fashion industry trends on the capsule collection supporting it with the expression of the designer, it is potentially more of a personal collection for self.

We all have developed a tendency to wanting everything that is out there in fashion. The point often overlooked here is that we only end up stuffing our wardrobe with having nothing to wear at the rise of an occasion. We again see ourselves running to get the right outfit.

A capsule wardrobe not only helps us in spending on unnecessary clothing we end up buying but also encourages us to think about the clothes that we truly wear and are required in our wardrobe from time to time. There’s no point spending so much and ending up with nothing.

With things changing and lifestyle upgrading to the basics yet comfortable, now we are more open to the concept of adapting to capsule wardrobe than ever.

What exactly is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is the limited collection of your clothing that could be used in numerous combinations with other clothing in your wardrobe. This way you have a minimal set of clothes, yet you end up having varied combinations for multiple occasions. This as well includes your office look.

capsule wardrobe

Will this be a good idea?

A capsule wardrobe works well for you when you are tight on your budget yet want to look good and have your options open.

Although people are lately using this a lot under fashion and trend, the concept of capsule wardrobe came back in the 70s era. It came forth after a British who owned a boutique back then helped women reorganise their wardrobes with high quality clothing that could be used in varied combinations on various occasions without running out of clothing.

What’s the number of clothing that will keep you afloat with the capsule?

Most will suggest at a 50 pair of clothes to use in combinations but there are several that only suggest you 10. The quantity of clothing doesn’t matter because this concept demands quality of material. Ensure that you have your basics requirements of wardrobe covered.

How to get started on a capsule wardrobe

There are no defined rules to get started with your capsule wardrobe but it is advised to start after clearing your existing one.

Remove all your clothes out and check which are the ones you have worn recently or are likely to wear soon. Which are the ones that you haven’t worn in a long period. Take them out and put them in a storage or just donate them.

Later, compile clothes and ensure you have the right set of clothing in front of you. Tailors trousers? Trench coat? Pair of boots, etc.

After ensuring you have the right materials saved in for your daily to casual fit watch out for seasonal wears. Now if you are confused and the wardrobe is getting messy, try this rule-every time you add a new pair, you remove one existing pair from your wardrobe.

Capsule wardrobe suggestions

Speaking about the capsule wardrobe. These are a few of the suggestions you wouldn’t want to miss out on that will always stay trendy from Katch Me.

Capsule wardrobe - check shirt

Add a milkmaid dress!

Now you must be thinking that the milkmaid dresses might not fit you or it is not made for all. Wait, have you tried the right one out yet? For instance, hop on to long milkmaid dresses if you have a pear-shaped body. It looks elegant on you! If you are tall, apple-shaped, a high waist dress will do wonders on you! Are you worried that your wide shoulders would not make you look right? Small puff sleeves will add to the beauty.

The classic dresses that existed back then naturally made the shoulders look broader. However, you got a choice and you can make it look just perfect on yourself followed by a big neckline.

Have check shirts

Check shirts are best for your capsule wardrobe to give you a casual look on any informal occasion. A picnic, have guests at home, visiting a friend, going out on a drive, it just fits all. Having a long comfortable checked shirt with perfect colour combination will never let you worry about your casual escape.

Vinyl Leather Trouser

Vinyl leather trousers are really popular amongst the youth. With different designs available you can select the one that fits the best to your body type. A tapered one is best suitable for you if you are tall, slim and you have a straight body type. Furthermore, you can use them with heels or trainers. What more you want, ladies? The mid-rise ones that fit almost all are trendy. Combining them with a white t-shirt or large size sweater will keep you in your element.