How to organise your hall cupboard

23rd April 2019

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The hall cupboard, understairs cupboard, or better known as the “catch-all”, is the one place that is often overlooked during the cleaning and organising days. Perhaps this is why the hall closet always ends up looking like a tornado hit it. You know it is time to clean and organise it when everyone is afraid to open the door for fear of the avalanche!

Not sure how to go about getting that closet whipped into shape? Have no fear, suggestions…

Organising your understairs cupboard

Clean out the clutter

This is the part that no one likes: take everything out of the cupboard and sort it out. Decide what goes back in and what does not belong in there.

Hint: dirty dishes, dirty laundry and the missing television remotes do not belong in there. Coats, rain/snow boots, board games, umbrellas and maybe even the vacuum all are good things to keep in a hall closet. Things that do belong in there should be set aside in a tote or box, to be put away later.


One type of organiser is an over the door shoe rack. These are fantastic for housing shoes, small exercise gear (hand grips, jump rope, etc.), small toys and numerous other little things that seem to find their way onto the floor of the hall closet. Another great organizing tool is a hanger holder. You can hang up to five items like jackets, on these holders and not take up as much space on the rack.


Not only can you keep coats and jackets off the floor by hanging them up, but you can also hang rain ponchos, snow vests and sweaters. Be sure to keep extra hangers in the closet for guests to hang up their coats, jackets and scarves.

Labelled storage containers

Most cupboards have at least one shelf and that shelf is perfect for totes or baskets that are labelled with their purpose. For example, you can label one for gloves, scarves and winter hats. Another one could be labelled for games and another one for sports equipment like baseballs and mitts. Labelled containers can save your family time by not having to search the entire house for their gloves or favourite jacket.

One more tip: having storage containers with lids can help keep dust off of the items.

Large tote/waste basket

This one goes on the floor of the closet and can be used in a number of ways. One way is to utilise large storage bins to hold umbrellas, basketballs, soccer balls and other various larger sports equipment. You could also use it to store wet/muddy shoes in order to keep the floor dry and clean. Another possible use is to store guest bedding and/or spare blankets and pillows.

Organising the hall cupboard does not have to be a nightmare, just take it one step at a time. Once you have it cleaned and organised, make sure you let everyone know so they can find their stuff as well as put it back when they are finished with it.

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