How to organise the boot of your car

3rd August 2020

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The boot of the car is the space that is basically a catch-all for all the things that you need to keep in the car. If you want to make sure you are making the most of the space you have, you want to make sure that you organise the boot of your car correctly. 

Why you should organise the boot of your car

As you are stashing everything in the boot of your car, you need to make sure that there is enough room for the essentials and anything you need to carry or pickup. To make sure that you get the most room and fit more things in the boot, you want to organise it. 


In case you needed more reasons to organise your car, you want to make sure that the items in the boot are put away safely. This keeps the items from getting broken as they fly around the area and keeps them from flying up in the car during an accident. 

Extra weight

Another reason to keep things organised is so that you are not driving around with things you do not need. Adding extra weight to the car, when it is necessary can put a strain on your gas mileage. Your car will get better gas mileage when there are fewer things in the car. 

Ways to organise the boot of your car

How to organise the boot of your car

Use an organiser

Use a boot organiser that attaches to the back of the seat that hangs over into the boot. Put the small things that are essential in the pockets. This keeps the items secure so that it is easy to find them and keeps them tucked away and neatly stored. 

Use Containers

When you are trying to keep things organised, it is important to keep things contained. Use foldable boot storage boxes to keep grocery bags together or keep the items you need for your outings together in one place. You can use bins or buy a car organiser that keeps everything together using straps and different sections. 

Take Stock

Every few months or at the change of seasons, go through everything in the car. In wintertime, you want to make sure you have things you might need like additional antifreeze, ice scrapers, blankets, and cat litter. These are things that you do not need in the warmer weather. During the summer months, you might need things like sunscreen, towels, and possibly a change of clothes or beach toys. By changing the stock of things that you have in the car, you have what you will need and are not taking up space with things you do not need. 

Keeping the boot of your car organised is the best way to efficiently use the space and find what you are looking for when you need it.

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