Healthy mindsets of fit people

1st July 2021

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The mindset of a fit person is to live the lifestyle and look good while doing it. Regardless of who you are, you deserve to love yourself and feel good in your own skin. Life was made for living. Live it long, live it strong, be proud of who you are!

In this easy to read, thought-provoking article, we will dive deep into healthy mindsets and learn what makes the toned tick!

“In our search for strength, let us first exercise our minds.”

In this day and age, technology and the promise of instant gratification can really make getting fit appear as an insurmountable task. How do people with those rock hard bodies do it? Is there a secret to having a life, job, family, and whatever else you can manage to pile on, all while having a body Hollywood would buy up? Well, listen up, and let’s dig into the “Fit person’s mentality” and expose the secret!

Make getting/being fit your “lifestyle.”

Fit people who get fit and, more importantly, stay fit, treat it as a long-term lifestyle. They see the long-term reasons and use those rather than any short-term reason. Thinking like this makes it seem like a smooth, gradual, grass-covered hill, rather than a mountain covered in sharp, jagged rocks with lightning cracking at every step you take.

Let’s say you want to switch up your personal style; you would go out, buy new clothes and try new things to really make that style believable and a part of who you are. Do the same with fitness. Enjoy having a cart filled with healthy foods and that trusty water bottle by your side!

healthy mindsets of fit people

Fall in love with fitness

Fit people love working out. Believe it or not, after a while, working out becomes fun. As you head to the gym after a long day’s work, you know the stress will melt off, and the usual crowd will be in doing the same. Soon you will find yourself recognising the faces and even make friends. Fit people can’t wait for their workout because it’s time they can give to themselves and feel great about it.

So let’s say you gained some unwanted weight; it happens if you’re human. Instead of exercising to lose that weight, fall in love with that tired, sweaty, accomplished feeling that your workout is done, and you earned it!

You’re not made of glass; you just think you are

Workouts and soreness go hand in hand. Fit people know and accept this, and work out anyway. Imagine how satisfied you will feel once you are done. You are in control and steering your own reigns. Fit people take pride in this. Try working out just to be sore. They will be the proudest aches and pains you have ever had. Try it for yourself.

Let’s say you believe that running for four blocks is simply out of your reach. Try running or even jogging one block, and make getting up to four blocks your journey. On your way to that four-block battle, you will discover you can do it, and that you’re not made of glass after all.

Learn to make and keep short- and long-term goals

Becoming fit is a journey of long- and short-term goals. Fit people make both of those in a realistic manner. They do this to keep the flame, or love alive. By doing so, they have meaning for working out and keeping their bodies hard and toned. Learn to set short- and long-term goals, and see your toned body just around the corner!

For example, when I first started, I saw myself ten years down the road as a healthy father smiling, throwing a football in the yard with my son. I realised that to meet that long-term goal, I needed to set multiple short-term goals. This month, I am determined not to drink any soda. After a while of accomplishing these short-term goals, I noticed that the long-term goal was in sight, which made me feel great and keeps me motivated and ready for the next challenge.

healthy mindsets of fit people

See working out as an investment rather than a burden

Fit people see working out as an investment in their health, not only short-term but also long-term. Picture yourself running with your children, enjoying life with your spouse, and how happy you will be looking back at your choices. Fit people see the long-term, and it makes the workouts and healthy diet have purpose and meaning. So on your hard, stressed days, stop, take a breath, and really reflect on why you’re doing what you’re doing short-term. See the long-term goal and remember why you fell in love with it and why you’re not going to give up. Stand tall and proud!

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