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How to Turn Your Dining Room into a Multi-Functional Space

17th July 2020

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We normally have a clear idea of what we want to do with the kitchen, a bedroom or the living room. But what about the dining room? This is often a space that gets less attention and can be left idle in bigger houses. If you only sit down at the dining room table on special occasions, such as a Sunday lunch or a family gathering, you’re probably not making the most of this amazing space. 

Turn your dining room into a multi-functional space

With a little thought, however, you can quickly turn your dining room into a useful, multi-functional space that is used a lot by all the family. Here are our top tips:

Multi-Functional Space
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Adding Storage

We all want more space to put things. That could mean filling up the spare bedroom or a garage if you have one. You can also add storage space to your dining room quite easily. For example, the dining room is a much better location for storing wine than the kitchen. Not a lot of people know this. The kitchen isn’t great because it has a variable in temperature which can have an impact on quality, particularly for red wines. 

Adding a cabinet or two to the walls also allows you to keep things like tablecloths and glasses in one place. If you have an alcove, it’s a great chance to put in some shelves or a display cabinet. 

Create an Office or Homework Station

One of the first things people think of when making the most of a space like a dining room is turning it into the traditional home office or homework station. Of course, you can use the dining room table to set up your laptop but a more dedicated space, perhaps in a corner or by a window works a lot better. 

For a start, when you come to have a dinner party or Sunday lunch you don’t have to worry about putting stuff away and tidying up. A dedicated homework station is great for the kids as well – they quickly get into the habit of sitting down at a desk and getting on with their work in a more formal environment. 

Put in a Crafting Table

All those different hobbies that you intended to take up over the years are made possible with a decent dining room space once you decide to use it better. Here, the dinner table is a great feature because you can spread lots of stuff out. 

For example, if you like creating your decorations, there’s no better place than the dining room. If you make greeting cards or want to take up sewing, upcycle old products or start learning to draw or paint, this is the perfect space.

Multi-Functional Space

Play Board Games

One of the reasons for turning your dining room into a multi-functional space is that it gets used more. Creating a games’ room is one option. The big dining table is the perfect location for the family and even a few friends to gather. All you need to do is get out some traditional board games like Monopoly or Scrabble and have some fun. 

Build a Quiet Space

Of course, the noise of the family arguing over the rules of a board game are all well and good but you might prefer a quiet space for yourself. Turning a corner of your dining room into a comfortable reading area or music centre where you can kick back and simply relax is a great idea. For a library, all you need is a comfortable chair and a lamp, maybe a bookcase and a nice glass of wine to ease yourself into the evening. 

There is plenty of potential if you want to make more use of your dining room and turn it into a multi-functional space. Whether it’s providing extra storage or creating a craft hub all the family can enjoy, a little imagination can go a long way. 

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