A Few Favourite Things – From Me

12th May 2017

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Welcome to my new blogger series ‘A Few Favourite Things‘ – each week I’ll be showcasing a blogger and a few of their favourite things.  To kick things off I thought it would only be right if I completed the questions myself so that you can get a better idea of a few of my favourite things…

A Few Favourite Things – From Me

Firstly, I am Sarah – wife, mother, friend and all-round busy person.  When I’m not over here chatting about interiors you’ll find me on my lifestyle parenting blog – Boo Roo and Tigger Too.  I’m a former NHS administrator who is now a work from home mum, trying my hand at the world of freelance.

Favourite room in your home

My bedroom, although I don’t get to spend as much time in it as I would like.  We moved home a little over a year ago and the master bedroom is lucky enough to have an en-suite, dressing area as well as good size room (which is a good job as it also houses my desk).  Whilst we haven’t gotten round to decorating the room and it still has a very bright orange wall behind our bed I love the feeling of space.  As well as having windows on both sides of the room so quite a lot of natural light can flood in during the day.

Favourite trend

Whilst I fall in love with period homes via TV dramas or my favourite Jane Austen novels, they are just a fantasy.  It is the simplistic look and feel of the Scandinavian colours and furniture is something I strive for in my own home.  Crisp white furniture that can be wiped clean of little fingers prints and clean lines that make having a tidy home manageable. Whilst adding little trinkets for that eclectic look upon a shelf.

Favourite colour

If you’d asked me this as a child I would have answered blue, through my teenage years I fell in love with pink.  However, once in my twenties I discovered purple and haven’t looked back since.  I do prefer the pastel shades of purple rather than the harsh Cadbury purple.  Whether it is stationery, handbags or plant pots I can always find myself gravitating to the purple collections before seeing what other colours I could pair them with.  At the moment I’m loving adding in some grey accents alongside my trusty purple.

A Few Favourite Things - From Me

Favourite season

This is a difficult one as there is something I love about each of the seasons.  My head would say autumn due to the falling leaves and how the world around us is slowly covered in a sea of burnt orange, yellow and browns.  My heart would tell you winter and only because of Christmas.  Seeing rooms, homes, and neighbourhoods all decorated for Christmas is simply wonderful.  The care and attention taken for those few weeks are magical and a time when we are all just that little kinder to each other.

A Few Favourite Things - From Me

Favourite about where you live

When we moved home it was somewhat of a culture shock for us.  We moved from being a 5-10 minute walk into a town centre, from the beach, and from activities.  Our new home finds us in a new build estate up on a hill surrounded by beautiful woodland, lagoons, and wildlife.  With amenities a little further away we are enclosed in a community that is all about getting outdoors and enjoying what is at the end of our road.  It’s the getting back to nature, getting back to basics and heading to the park or having a kickaround on the green – It’s the taking a step away from technology, shops and provided entertainment and having fun finding our own.

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