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3 things unknown about your garden

6th June 2017

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There is nothing easy about gardening. It requires hours of work. It takes dedication, good skill, and that occasional luck to get your vegetables and flowers to grow wonderfully. There are many myths about gardens. Some may have some element of truth to them. Gardens are meant to be beautiful. There may be a few things you are doing wrong or could do to enhance your garden. While there are others that are just silly. Regardless of this here are 3 things unknown about your garden.

3 things unknown about your garden

3 things unknown about your garden

Sounds do impact on your plants

We all know that it is said that you should take to your plants to make them grow. This is actually quite true. Research has shown that those vibrations created by your voice or music may have some type of impact on your plant’s growth. Studies also found that when a silent greenhouse was compared to one that had music played daily found that the last type had plants that grew more. So continue talking to your plants. Give them that sweet sounded music and watch them grow beautifully.

Combine your orchids to create that great smell

You can combine your orchids to give that dessert-like buffet scent. Vanilla bean is found in a type of orchid. Additionally, there is an orchid called Oncidium hybrid referred to as Sharry Baby that smells a lot like chocolate. There is even some that smell like a lemon. If you are to position these orchids in a particular manner the smell will be great. It will help to improve your general mood. So make sure you use orchids in your flower garden and combine them in such a way that you get all of their natural benefits. Appearance and fragrance.

Butterflies may be attracted to your weeds

The fragrance your nectar gives is what draws those insects to your garden. Research conducted by the Smithsonian Institute found that the addition of dandelions and clovers to a flower garden can attract butterflies and other insects. You can try planting some of these weeds in your garden along with your plants. They will help to protect your plants. Helping to make your garden remain beautiful with lovely flowers.

3 things unknown about your garden

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