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28th July 2017

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Welcome back to my A Few Favourite Things series.  This week I have Katy from KatyKicker showcasing her favourite things.  If you are looking to make or save money then take a look at the helpful posts that Katy has to offer.

A Few Favourite Things – KatyKicker

Hello! I am Katy, 29 from Essex. I live with my husband Thomas and we have one daughter, Daisy. Daisy was born in March 2016 and has been a source of much joy in our lives since then. Most of my hobbies involve my family and friends. Days out, walks in the park, watching movies and just spending time together being grateful for life.

I blog over at Katykicker and my blog originally started as a way for me to share the ways that I am making and saving money. Now my blog is quite a lifestyle focused and is about everything related to me, Katykicker, and my family.

A Few Favourite Things - KatyKicker

Favourite room in your home

For me, it would have to be the bedroom. We’ve just got a new king size bed, gorgeous headboard, lovely new bedding and new lamps fitted. It looks so nice, despite being a small room, and we’ve got space to have a family cuddle in the mornings now! I feel really relaxed in my bedroom – even more so now I’ve got a lovely new bed to relax in.

Favourite trend

For me personally, the trend that I follow is anything that I like. I don’t worry about colours clashing, having white and black everything and our home is a family one. This means there might be toys or mess, but we enjoy our home and that is all that matters to us.

Favourite thing you own

My favourite possession is a watch. A Tag Heuer. I got it just after my daughter was born. I had wanted this particular watch for a couple of years. Almost dying when I had my daughter made me realise that I can’t take my money with me! I got my lovely watch and my husband got a ring he had been coveting for some time. Every day when I see it I am reminded of my beautiful daughter and what we have come through to get to this day. Each day is precious and my watch is a reminder of that.

A Few Favourite Things - KatyKicker

Favourite colour

Blue! I love it. Always have. I love that there are so many shades. I love it so much that my daughter has the middle name Blue. We have a few snippets of blue around our home, including in our newly refurbished bedroom. I love a passage from Rebecca Solnit’s ‘Field Guide to getting lost’ that talks about why the sky is blue, why the sea is blue and how so much of the beauty of the World comes from the colour blue.

Favourite season

Winter. I don’t really enjoy being warm. However, since having my daughter we’ve had two Springs now and I love watching nature come back to life. Winter is my favourite season as I love to wrap up warm, enjoy hot chocolate and enjoy the crisp air outside.

In our home, I love to have seasonal flowers and in Winter it has to be a Poinsettia!

Favourite about where you live

I love being so close to a HUGE park. There are 10s of acres of parkland just across the main road from our home. This is a lovely place to explore with my daughter. There is an animal park, paddling pools, ponds, parks and so much more. I never tire of finding new areas to sit down and relax with my family and even just enjoying lunch out in the town park is a nice treat.

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