Creating A Peaceful Home

Could your home be the reason you’re feeling stressed out and frustrated? A peaceful home can open the door to a healthy mind.… View Post

How to organise your kitchen drawers + #Giveaway

How to organise your kitchen drawers + #Giveaway

Kitchen drawers seem to be the catch-all for all those odds and ends that need to be stored away but you are not sure where to put them. As more and more things get stored in the drawers, it is harder and harder to find what you are looking for. Don’t let your kitchen drawers become a nightmare. Use these tips to organise your kitchen drawers.… View Post

Get The Popcorn Ready For Your New Home …

Get The Popcorn Ready For Your New Home Cinema

Whether you’re looking to provide the space for the perfect family movie night or you and your friends regularly gather around a screen to see the latest and greatest, or some of your favourite classics, the trip to the cinema is no longer a necessity. Instead, it’s becoming easier than ever to create your own home cinema experience.… View Post

No guest bedroom: How to manage with duvet …

No guest bedroom: How to manage with duvet covers & bedding

Having family and friends visit is a great opportunity to catch up and spend quality time with the ones you love. If you are not fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom to turn into a guest room you may feel a bit overwhelmed with where everyone will seep. The good news is it is really not as hard to host guests without a guest room as it feels like once you get past the initial intimidation.… View Post

Houseplants With Christmas Names

Houseplants With Christmas Names

While there are many cultivars with Christmas names, there are several houseplants that have common names associated with Christmas.

Aside from seasonally-inspired names of cultivars such as “Jingle Bells” which occur in several plant species, and probably the most obvious, Christmas trees, the range and variety of these houseplants is substantial. The Christmas tree plant itself, Araucaria heterophylla or Norfolk Island pine, is a year-round indoor conifer that is relatively easily cultivated.… View Post