Making the Most of an Old Living Room Fireplace

“Crackling” the Code: Making the Most of an Old Living Room Fireplace

12th April 2024

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If there is one part of our living room that needs proper care and attention, it’s our fireplace. If you are lucky enough to have an old-style living room fireplace, don’t throw it out just yet. So many of us think that it’s far better to upgrade our living rooms to be more modern and have that sleek functional aesthetic, but a good old-fashioned fireplace is an amazing addition to any space and can be incredibly rejuvenating because, let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like staring into a crackling fireplace. So let’s show you some ways to make the most of it.

Top ways to make the Most of an Old Living Room Fireplace

Making the Most of an Old Living Room Fireplace

Bring It Up to Code

The first place to begin is to fix it. If it’s not working, it’s not fulfilling its purpose. There are many fireplace repair companies that can ensure your fireplace comes back to life. Lots of people think of a fireplace as an eyesore that takes up too much space, but if you get it fixed, you will then be able to see just what it can do to a living room.

Restore and Refinish It

You could make a few upgrades yourself by either sanding, painting, or adding new stone and tiles which can give the fireplace a fresh and updated look, especially if it’s looking at odds with your living room. You don’t necessarily have to do a lot of work to rejuvenate a fireplace because sometimes giving it a new lick of paint can instantly reinvigorate it especially if you give it a colour that complements the surrounding space. An outdated fireplace can instantly become a stunning living room focal point.

Use the Space for Storage and/or Display

The fireplace doesn’t necessarily need to fulfil its original duty because you can actually create additional storage and display spaces for items like books or decor. If you want to use the fireplace, putting cabinets on each side can make the fireplace a more striking focal point.

Making the Most of an Old Living Room Fireplace
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Highlight It More

We’ve spoken about it as a focal point but there are also other tricks that you can do, for example, arranging furniture to make the fireplace a far more prominent addition to your living space. You can put the sofa facing it or ensure your seating areas are angled in such a way that forces people to pay more attention to the fireplace.

Turn It Into a Design Feature

You don’t necessarily have to use the fireplace if you don’t want to and if it’s too expensive or time-consuming to dismantle you can still make it a design feature to make it visually appealing. Surrounding it with candles, artwork, and other decorative elements can turn the fireplace into something far more than the sum of its parts.

A fireplace is one of those additions that can split opinion down the middle. Some people love it because it exudes a rustic old-fashioned charm, but others can’t wait to get rid of it. If you are of the former, you can certainly make the most of it to capitalise upon your living space.