How to Add a Natural Touch to Your Decor

Add a Natural Touch to Your Decor

22nd June 2024

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If your home feels more like a sterile clinic than a cosy hideout, it might be time to inject a bit of Mother Nature into your decor. Integrating natural elements isn’t just about slapping a few potted plants around and calling it a day. Oh no, we’re diving deep into the forest of interior design, where even the coffee tables have a life story.

Here’s how to spruce up (pun definitely intended) your living space with a touch of the great outdoors, turning your home into a woodland wonder without a single gnome in sight (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

How to Add a Natural Touch to Your Decor

How to Add a Natural Touch to Your Decor

Stone Age Chic

Think Flintstones, but make it fashion. Incorporating stone elements, whether through granite countertops, slate coasters, or a pebble-dashed statement wall, adds a touch of ruggedness that says, ‘Yes, I take my coffee on a rock, and what of it?’

Wicker Wonderland

Wicker isn’t just for garden furniture or your nan’s conservatory. No, wicker can be the star of any room. Its lightweight, airy feel brings a certain breeziness, perfect for those looking to achieve a beachy, laid-back vibe. So, why not settle into a wicker armchair? Just remember, it’s not advisable to sit in one while wearing velcro.

Timber at the Table

Timber dining tables are like the grand old trees of your dining room, offering not just a place to scoff your mash but also a slice of the great British woodland. Opt for a table with live edges where you can admire the original curves of the tree. It’s like having a forest feast every night, without any squirrels trying to nick your nuts.

How to Add a Natural Touch to Your Decor

Plant Life – From Small Cacti to Indoor Trees

If you haven’t got a plant in every corner, are you even living? From tiny succulents in teacups to majestic indoor trees that demand their own Christmas lights in December, plants are the easiest way to bring life into a room. And the best part? They oxygenate your home, making it easier to breathe when you’re watching your favourite thriller.

Bamboo Everything

Bamboo is the superhero of the natural decor world. It grows faster than you can say ‘panda snack’ and is as versatile as your average multi-tool. Use bamboo for your flooring, blinds, frames, or even bedding. It’s sustainable, stylish, and says, ‘I care about the planet, but I also like to look good.’

Water Features: Because Sound Matters Too

Nothing says zen like the gentle sound of trickling water (unless it’s a leaking tap, then that’s just a plumber’s delight). A small indoor water feature can transform the feel of a space, adding a sensory layer to the natural vibe. It’s like being next to a babbling brook, without the midges.

How to Add a Natural Touch to Your Decor

Natural Fibres – Don’t Forget the Fabrics

Finally, let’s talk fabrics. Swap out synthetic materials for natural fibres like cotton, linen, and silk. These materials not only feel better but also add a subtle nod to the natural world. Throw a chunky knit wool blanket over your sofa, and you’ll be ready to snuggle up in style.

Bringing a natural touch into your decor is all about blending textures, embracing earthy tones, and making your space a homage to the natural world. So, go ahead,and embrace nature, even when you’re indoors!

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