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7 Hacks to help you have the best start to your day

11th April 2022

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We all want to ensure that we have the best start to the day. After all, the start to your day usually has a knock-on effect on how the rest of the day goes. However, if you start your day with intention and make a few changes, you can ensure that you start your day in a positive way. So here are some of the hacks that can help you to make sure you have the best start to your day. 

Best start to your day life hacks

7 Hacks to help you have the best start to your day
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Plan ahead for the day the night before

One of the first things to consider would be to plan ahead for your day the night before. This could be as simple as writing down the things that you need to do the following day, or it might be that you plan your day out in terms of time blocking and time management. However, you choose to do it, planning the night before ensures you get a good night’s sleep, and then you will feel ready to start your day knowing exactly what you are expecting of it. 

Don’t close the curtains 

This might sound strange, but not closing your curtains can help you to start your day in a better way. Exposing your body to natural sources of daylight within an hour of waking up can help to suppress the production of melatonin in your body. This is the hormone that makes you feel tired and sleepy. Sleeping with the curtains open means that you will expose your body as you start to wake up. 

Avoid hitting snooze when the alarm goes off

There is nothing worse than hitting the snooze button on your alarm. If you keep hitting the snooze button you will likely start your day in an agitated and sleepy way, which won’t help as you carry on throughout your day. This is because after you are suddenly awakened by your alarm, you lie back down again and tell your body to sleep once more, only to be suddenly awoken again. You are more likely to fall into a deep sleep when you press the snooze button, so often feel worse for it rather than better, when you do eventually have to get up. 

Avoid your phone first thing

Many people will automatically reach for their phones as soon as they wake up, but this won’t help you to set the right intention for the day. At that moment you are flooding your mind with information, news, positive and negative stories, and it can set you off in a bad way. Instead, choose to do something you enjoy instead. This might be journaling, picking up your book and reading a few pages, meditation, or just spending a few minutes thinking about the things you are grateful for. You will feel much better about it, and it gives you time to come around to your day. 

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Drink water before anything else

Let’s be honest, the first drink we often choose to have in the morning is something caffeinated such as coffee or tea, am I right? While there is nothing wrong with those drinks, the best thing to drink first is water. If you can, a pint of water using a Zerowater filter jug will help to rehydrate your body after a good night’s sleep. You will be dehydrated and will welcome the drink. Afterwards, feel free to go for your usual coffee or tea choices. 

Move when you get up, even stretching counts 

One of the best ways to start your day is through exercise. It gets your exercise and activity out the way sooner, and your body is full of all those endorphins helping you to feel amazing. Work out, go for a run, or even a walk. If you struggle to physically exercise first thing then yoga and even stretching will help you to feel good. It is just about moving your body when you get up. Try it and see the difference it could make. 

Enjoy a well-balanced breakfast 

Finally, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A good, balanced, and healthy breakfast will set you up for the day. What you eat will give you energy for the rest of the day, so make sure you have some slow-releasing carbohydrates as well as consider the other food groups. Try and make this one of the substantial meals that you eat as it gives your body a chance to digest it properly. 

Hopefully, these hacks will help you to have the best start to your day.

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