Bad Bathroom Habits You're Probably Guilty Of

Bad Bathroom Habits You’re Probably Guilty Of

12th April 2022

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Lots of us are guilty of secret bad bathroom habits. Perhaps because the bathroom is somewhere we can be totally alone, it becomes a safe space where you can do what you want. Whether you leave piles of tissues all over your desk, don’t change your bedsheets enough, or are a bit casual with the five-second rule in the kitchen, it’s in the bathroom where most of us have habits we’re not proud of. Here are some bad bathroom habits you’re probably guilty of, and whether or not you should be worried about them. 

Bad bathroom habits

Bad Bathroom Habits You're Probably Guilty Of
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Weeing In The Shower

This is one of those bad bathroom habits that nobody wants to admit they do, but that is actually very common. Luckily, having a wee in the shower means that are saving a flush of the toilet. In fact, groups of environmental activists in Britain have even begun a campaign to encourage people to do this to save water. Just make sure you only wee in the shower while the water is turned on. 

Turning The Shower On Early

Lots of turn the shower on before we’re ready to get in in order to let the water run and make sure it has got hot. However, doing this can be a real waste of water. If your shower does start cold, you can let it run, but keep your hand in the water flow, so you can hop in the second it’s warm enough and reduce the amount of water you’re wasting. Don’t turn it on and wander off or get distracted. 

Drinking In The Shower

A glass of wine in the bath is old hat now. Instead, some people have turned to shower beers. If you are going to do this, make sure you have a good non-slip mat and somewhere secure to put your drink. Nobody wants a bath full of broken glass because your beer fell off the edge. 

Bad Bathroom Habits You're Probably Guilty Of
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Flushing Matches Down The Toilet

Lots of people light matches to get rid of unpleasant bathroom odours, but this is actually mostly a myth. If you don’t want to do this, dispose of your used matches properly, and don’t flush them down the toilet. You don’t need matches clogging up your pipes. 

Watching Movies In The Bath

There are few things more relaxing than lying in a warm bath full of bubbles watching a movie. There’s no harm at all in this habit, so you can relax in the suds with your movie on with no guilt at all. Just make sure you aren’t trailing wires through the bathroom to plug anything in to do this and beware of dropping your phone in the bath!

Reading On The Loo

Whether you take your book with you or you keep a stack of magazines by the loo, there’s nothing to worry about if you like to do this. The risk of haemorrhoids from reading on the loo is an old wive’s tale. Just be careful not to drop your reading material.