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Basic Information About Practice Of Yoga

23rd July 2020

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The practice of yoga, one of India’s ancient philosophies, is the science of the union between mind and body. It is a practice of physical and psychological discipline.

Some people are of the opinion that you have to believe in a certain type of religion in order to practice yoga. On the contrary, yoga does not relate to any religion; it is a tradition independent of all beliefs and religions. Therefore, whatever you believe in or regardless of what you worship, yoga is the absolute tool to help you enhance your religious practice because it strengthens your mind and helps you be in control of your actions bringing positivity and balance into your life.

The practice of yoga

Practice of Yoga: The basic information you need
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Various Meanings and Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has been described in many ways. In the epic poem of Bhagavad, Gita yoga is described as “the path of the eternal and freedom from bondage.” It is also known as The Supreme Secret of Life. It is The Destroyer of Pain. Certainly, all the various descriptions have one thing in common: moral discipline.

Many disciples in the old days practised yoga under the direct supervision of a teacher called guru, who guided his students through their journey to enlightenment, which required absolute commitment to their spiritual life. The path to achieving wholeness and to unite with the Divine was undoubtedly not an easy one. It required sacrifices, both mentally and physically, training the mind and body for stillness, strength, and vitality.

Yoga is known to have a tremendous effect on body posture, not to mention other health benefits such as chronic stress relief, concentration improvement, a boost in the immune system, muscle strengthening, relief of pain in the knees, back, shoulders, and neck.

Practice of Yoga: The basic information you need
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How to Make Yoga Work for You

Once you set a goal to achieve body and mind balanced through yoga and pursue a healthy life, you need to take into consideration your abilities, and physical strengths and limitations. Depending on your lifestyle, stress level, and the type of work you do, you have to choose the style that is right for you if you are not sure what type of technique suits you well, there are many online resources to guide you through the different poses and techniques.

Keep in mind that like everything else in life, practising and learning yoga takes time, determination, and dedication. At first, you may find it difficult and exhausting, because it requires a lot of bending and reaching and challenging poses. But once you are on the right track and you find yourself more centred, you will find yoga relaxing and very rewarding. Yoga takes you to a place where there is no pain; it introduces you to goodness and calmness; it clears your mind; it unites your soul with the Divine.

Great leaders such as Gandhi and Buddha practised yoga. It is believed that Gandhi benefited from yoga in his mission to bring goodness and peace to the world.

In our fast-paced modern world, yoga can be a great tool and resource to reduce tension and stress and bring personal transformation. Practice yoga, open your heart to goodness and allow yourself to care for yourself and others. It’s a great feeling to be a dedicated yoga practitioner. Namaste!

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