Beauty Treatments Between Trips

How to spoil yourself between trips with these beauty treatments

28th February 2022

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Your holidays have come to an end and you want to know how you can recover your skin and what beauty treatments you can use to make it look perfect when you return to the office? Here are some suggestions and tips about how to make the best of your time between trips and how to spoil yourself with special beauty treatments.

Beauty Treatments Between Trips 

Pharmacists, dermo-cosmetics experts and other professionals assure that the essential thing is to focus on reinforcing hydration, regenerating the skin and then treating sunspots (although it is not recommended to start depigmenting treatments until a few months later). They say that it is best to keep our facial routine with good hygiene as the protagonist and incorporate moisturizing masks (they love Casmara’s Hydra Mask Kit) once or twice a week to recover the skin’s water levels.

Once a week, we will perform a gentle exfoliation that will allow us to lengthen the tan tone and, when we have lost it, we can perform more powerful chemical peels in the cabin, to completely regenerate the skin and get it ready for the cold season, add the experts.

Sos Aftersun and Facial Deluxe

In this sense, they recommend two treatments: Sos Aftersun and Facial Deluxe to hydrate and reaffirm respectively. The second is done by means of the well-known INDIBA radiofrequency and helps us to recover the luminosity of the skin. Beauty treatments like this and more can be received at reputable beauty salons such as

Beauty Treatments Between Trips

Deep Cleaning TBC facial

On the other hand, some recommend the Deep Cleaning TBC facial protocol so that the skin recovers its firmness and health. This treatment consists of a deep cleansing, an exfoliation, an extraction, masks, vitamins and a kobido massage. A massage of Japanese origin that manages to rejuvenate and repair facial tissue, prevents and reduces the impact of the ageing process and releases energy and tension blocked in facial and neck muscles.

Deep oxygenation

The skin needs to be clean and oxygenated in order to be in balance and to receive any active ingredient in the treatments and for these to be of maximum effectiveness. With deep oxygenation we manage to eliminate impurities and toxins from the skin, we clean it in-depth, we prepare it so that it is receptive to the active ingredients and we provide it with extra hydration, stimulating cell renewal.


This along with many other options are effective ways to recover the skin after the summer and prepare it to return to the office. You should take as much time as you need to spoil yourself between trips.