8 gift ideas for new mums

The Best Presents for New Mums

28th February 2022

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The arrival of a baby, whether in the family or in your circle of friends, is always synonymous with joy and happiness. Choosing a gift for a new mum and her baby is not an easy task, doubts lie in wait for us, and even more so if we do not have experience. First of all, make sure that what you are going to give away is useful. Don’t know where to start? Keep calm, we give you 8 gift ideas for new mums that will surely hit the spot.

Take a look at these 8 gift ideas for new mums

8 gift ideas for new mums

Maternity bag, toiletry bag, changing mat and pacifier holder.

A maternity bag is perfect for always carrying the essentials with you when you leave home, such as wipes, creams or diapers. Give just the bag or complete it with a toiletry bag, a changing mat or a set of matching pacifier clips or in a different colour and pattern. Do you want to know the best? All products are local and are made from 100% organic cotton.

Nursing pillow

The nursing pillow is super complete since it is used during and after pregnancy and has multiple functions thanks to the different shapes and positions it can adopt. In the maternity phase, it adapts perfectly to the body of the future mother, helping to improve her rest. In addition, its ergonomic shape increases comfort when breastfeeding the baby while eliminating possible muscle tension derived from poor posture.

For the baby, it is perfect to keep it in the right position after eating and improve its digestion. Depending on the age, she may be sitting or reclining. And for bigger babies, it can be placed in the shape of a snail and you will have a fantastic cushion or pouffe to sit on. A multifunctional and very original gift that they will surely use.

Bibs, bandanas, muslins and towels

Clothing or textile accessories always work. With our sets of bibs, bandanas, muslins and towels, in addition to being trendy, they take care of their delicate skin since they are made of 100% organic cotton, so they are very soft and pleasant to the touch. In addition, they have a design that goes with everything.

8 gift ideas for new mums

Protective cushion

Reinforcing security at home is something essential that a new mum will surely appreciate. The protective cushion is flexible, so it can be used for both the crib and the bed and prevents those undesirable bumps or falls. Made from 100% organic cotton, it is available in different designs depending on your style.

Crib organiser bag

With this organiser bag for cribs, you will have everything close at hand, such as the pacifier holder or your favourite stuffed animal to sleep in. Simple in design, it will fit into any interior. In addition, it is responsible for the planet since it is made of 100% organic cotton.

Rocking chair

The rocking chair will become an essential during and after pregnancy. It helps the mother to be comfortably relaxed and, once with the baby, it is perfect for breastfeeding or bottle feeding. We have different designs that will surely fall in love.

8 gift ideas for new mums

Skincare Products

Bodycare products such as creams and sprays are incredible welcome, both for the mother and the baby. For example products such as the physiomer baby hypertonic nasal spray at fotopharmacy.com are very popular. Made with natural and sustainable materials, each product is meant to help keep the skin healthy.

Decoration for the baby’s room

If you find yourself in a situation where everything has been given away, nursery decoration accessories are a good option. Cushions, sheets, rugs, lamps, tapestries… Find the accessory that you know best will fit.