What A Host: Revamp Your Dining Experience

What A Host | Revamp your dining experience

28th February 2022

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Is it time to revamp your dining experience? Are you bored with your cutlery or crockery? Let’s take a look at how you can change things up and revamp your dining experience.

Now that winter seems to be coming to an end our attentions turn to spring and summer and this might mean that you have the motivation to invite friends round for dinner or greet the family more often for a meal. Whether you sit in your dining room or have a table in your kitchen, the dining experience itself can be a little boring. There are so many ways that you can revamp your dining experience and I wanted to share with you what some of them are. 

Ways to revamp your dining experience

What A Host: Revamp Your Dining Experience

Think about different cutlery

One of the first things you could do would be to look at the cutlery that you use. Many of us will have traditional silver stainless steel cutlery, and some may even be a little more ornate than the standard set you can get your hands on. However, why not think differently. You could look at something like black stainless steel cutlery instead? Or maybe even something very grand like gold. This could transform the whole look of your table and could work well with any crockery that you might want to use. 

Change your crockery

On the subject of crockery, have you been using the same plates for years? Maybe you have always just had a plain white set or perhaps you are using a dinner service that was a wedding present. Things have moved on and colourful and bright plates and crockery are being used more often and then can look amazing when your table is all set up. Plus certain colours can make the food on the plate look incredible. Think about a change in this area and set your table up to look incredible. 

Have a theme for your tablescape 

When you set up the table, a theme may not be in mind. You might just be thinking about practicality and getting everything you need on the table. But a themed tablescape can transform the look, be an amazing conversation starter, and set the tone for the rest of the evening. This is where websites like What A Host can help you. With different themes, colours, and suggestions you can get everything you need to transform the way your table looks and improve the overall dining experience. Plus you can even match the menu to the tablescape theme. 

What A Host: Revamp Your Dining Experience

Enjoy a bit of light entertainment 

Who doesn’t love a bit of entertainment when you are enjoying time with friends? It can actually be a great way to get conversations started and break the ice if people haven’t met before or don’t know each other too well. You could buy cards games now that have a series of questions where answers need to be crazy and ridiculous or have to pick out a popular answer. There are so many great small conversation games and they can provide just the light entertainment you need between courses. Music will always be atmospheric and break nay awkward silences, so you could always have some on in the background. 

Allow people to help themselves 

Finally, if you usually serve up meals on the plate, why not think differently about how you entertain this time? Instead, get different bowls and serving crockery and display the different elements of the meals in them. Place the servicing plates and crocker in the centre of the table and let everyone dig in. This means they will likely only put on their plate what they want to eat and also means there could be some delicious leftovers to enjoy later or the following day. This can also make a dining experience more relaxed. 

Hopefully, these suggestions will help revamp your dining experience. 

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