Designing a safari themed bedroom

7th July 2020

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Every child dreams of going on wildlife safari once in a while, but if your child is a preschooler and not ready for backpacking and experiencing a real safari. You don’t need to stress as a safari themed bedroom is perfect for wildlife vibes into their room and let them be happy and curious to know more about different wildlife species.

Bloomsbury Mill specialises in kids bedding sets as well as cotton blankets, muslins and sleep bags for babies. The Safari Animals bedding set has just won Platinum at the LovedByParents Awards 2020 and this vibrant, playful design would be ideal for any safari themed bedroom.


Safari themed bedroom is an ideal gender-neutral theme for your kid’s bedroom that works well for preschoolers. One of the best solutions for parents seeking a shared kids room for their kids. You should seize this opportunity of designing a safari themed bedroom for your kids if you are an animal lover. By choosing safari, you can easily encourage your child to learn about wildlife. The safari theme plays a dual function as it can be both a fantastic learning station and a dream playroom.


You can start decorating this Savanna themed bedroom by deciding on a statement piece and then create things around it. Always opt for something that compliments the theme.

Designing a safari themed bedroom


Safari animals bedding can be used as a statement piece. Animal bedding can feature many species, including lions, elephants, zebras, etc. When it comes to colour themes of Safari animal bedding, you don’t need to stress out as there won’t be any challenge pairing it with any colour scheme. Animal patterns, including tiger duvet, can do some trick for older kids. You can take one of the hues from these sheets and opt for wall tones.


Choose a contrasting rug that adds some volume to the room. A nicely woven rug inspired by African wildlife can also be a lovely statement piece, especially for decorating the nursery. If the room space is too congested, then you should avoid choosing bold hues as too strong colours can be astounding. Instead, look out for neutral tones, including beige, greens, mustard, grey, ivory, and tan. Besides that, you can add some fascinating side pieces that will make a room brighter.

Designing a safari themed bedroom


You can adorn the room’s walls with adorable trophy heads or opt for a sizable huggable teddy that resembles a monkey or any other wildlife creature and place it next to the bed. Nothing attracts a child better than a room full of animals. Let the walls be full of Savanna leaves and unique birds that will capture little hearts. If you have an artist at home, you can frame his or her drawings and draw more towards nature. If not frames, you can choose some colourful prints to complement the theme. Thus the safari themed room is perfect for your kids.


One of the best ways to add glamorous camping is by adding tents and teepees as your kids can play safe and snug in these adorable camping ascents. The main reason to get these cute tents to your kid’s room is to provide cosy fun to the kids, and your tiny explorer can one step ahead while exploring the safari. Leave aside the typical toys and dolls and stuff your kid’s room with elephants, rhinos, hippos, and giraffes. Let the wildlife parade conquer your little wanderer’s room. Place these lovely stuffed soft toys on chairs, beds, shelves, or scatter them on the room’s floor near the camping accessories.

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