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How to make your winter garden as vibrant as the summer

7th November 2017

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Gardeners often fall into the trap of simply waiting for spring to tend to their garden and wait out the winter with a baron set of flower patches. However, there are so many flowers that can provide a great colour and look to a winter garden. Greenery with splashes of pinks, blues and reds even through the coldest part of the year can give a great contrast with the frosty look of the rest of your land.

How to make your winter garden as vibrant as the summer


Sometimes also known as ‘the glory of snow’ this hardy plant can produce its mellowing, pale blue flower even when on the ground in the snow. It gives a real contrast to the many whites around it in the winter and its shape, a star with a deep-set centre, provides a unique look in the winter compared to the many other plants with a simpler flower.

Winter jasmine

If you need a climbing plant that will hold its flower for most of the winter whilst also managing to remain extremely fragrant even throughout the cold. Its bright yellow flowers contrast with its exposed branches can encircle any beds that you have to highlight the diversity that you have managed to create in your winter garden.


In recent years there has been huge breeding of the primrose plants to allow them to flower for longer periods of time, often beginning in the winter months. One of the most varied plants offering a huge selection of colours to complement or contrast any other possible selection of flowers in your bed. Blues, reds, yellows or purples have transformed this hardy plant into a winter favourite for boxes or flower beds to give your garden huge potential.


Another incredibly versatile plant which comes in many colours and can be either upright or trailing. Its structure gives it a deep green base with an array of different colours available for the flower. More delicate than some of the others on the list they are most suited for either window boxes or baskets to give a layer of colour and greenery at any level.

Cyclamen Coum

The neatest plant on this list giving a huge splash of colour all throughout December and January with a bright pink, interestingly shaped flowers, to perfectly complement other light plants in your winter garden.

How to make your winter garden as vibrant as the summer

Photo Credit: Roberta Sorge

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