Amazing Living Room Decor Ideas

15th August 2017

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The words ‘living room’ says it all. It is a room in which we live. We entertain guests, we play games, we watch television and we relax in this room, among other things. It is often the first area others see when they enter our homes. For this reason, we love to make it an elaborate room that can really impress but there is a fine line between classy and over the top and I will give you a few ideas that will keep you on the classy side.

Amazing Living Room Decor Ideas

Amazing Living Room Décor Ideas

Blank canvas

If you want to play it safe, start with everything in white, light grey or cream. You can then add pops of colour where you feel it will be appropriate but do not go overboard. A great way of doing this is to choose a single colour and then use three different shades of it throughout the room.

Toning it down

If you have a bright colour such as red or orange in a room, it can be easily toned down with the addition of white pieces. This is the simplest way to tame a bold hue easily. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. A splash of paint on accent wall décor pieces or a few white scatter cushions (look at different textures and use more than two on a couch) or a lampshade is more than enough to make a huge difference.

Amazing Living Room Décor Ideas

Ready for games – any time

As mentioned, we love playing games in the living room. If you are also one to do this regularly you need a large coffee table with flowing lines to complete the setting. Getting one that fits your décor shouldn’t be hard but you cannot go wrong with a dark wood table in a large room.

Flower power

Florals do not need to look like grandma’s dress. There is a huge variety of prints available and if you are not brave enough for a floral lounge suite you could just add a few cushions or even your blinds or curtains. It is never a good idea to go overboard with large prints so choose certain pieces to arm with flower power.

In the end, you and your family would be the ones spending the most time in these areas so you have to love it. As long as you do not go overboard and you do not use clashing patterns and colours you should be just fine.

Amazing Living Room Decor Ideas

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  • Erica Price 19th August 2017 at 2:37 PM

    I like the one colour, three shades tip. I’ll have to remember that when we next decorate a room.

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