How to clean Grease Off Kitchen Cabinets

How To Clean Grease Off Kitchen Cabinets

21st February 2023

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When a stack of lids comes crashing down onto the countertop, it may be time to consider cleaning out the kitchen cabinets. A systematic approach plus a deep breath is the best way to begin when tackling the project of cleaning grease off kitchen cabinets. It also does not hurt to have ample counter and/or table space as well as a large garbage bag.

Cleaning kitchen cabinets a systematic approach

a person wiping the handles of a kitchen cabinet - Grease Off Kitchen Cabinets


You cannot clean what you cannot see. Choose one cabinet and begin to empty it of all its contents. If feeling timid, begin with one that is not quite full. Depending on the time you have available, you may decide to clean out all the cabinets at once or do a few days and the rest the next day.


As you take each item out of the cabinet, decide if the item should be kept, tossed, or donated/sold. Divide each of the cabinet items into one of these three categories. Kept items, and put them aside on the counter. Tossed items put into the garbage bag. Donated/sold items should be set into a box or other storage container.

These are things like that third mini-food processor you received as a housewarming gift three years ago and have never used. Donate it to charity, sell it at a garage sale, or box it away to be dealt with later. Make a choice and get it out of the cabinet so it is not taking up valuable space.


Once everything is out and the cabinet is empty, sweep out any crumbs or debris with a dry rag. Next, clean the empty cabinet thoroughly with hot, soapy clean water and dry cloth. If your shelves remove, cleaning will be even easier. Wipe all shelves down with a circular motion as well as the inside walls of the cabinet. Rinse with a clean, damp rag and dry completely with a towel. Do not forget to wipe down the front of the cabinet and its handle or knob.

You do not need harsh chemicals to get your wood kitchen cabinets clean. A sink full of hot, soapy water will work great. In between major cleanings, keep the cabinets sticky-free by wiping them down with a damp towel or try a product like Green Works’ all-purpose cleaner.


Begin replacing the cabinet items. If there is something illogical among the main group, set it aside and assign it to a different cabinet home. For example, if your hand mixer has been living wedged among your plastic storage tubs, move it to a cabinet that houses similar items like your food processor or coffee bean grinder. When storing non-stick cookware like bread pans and cookie trays, place sheets of wax paper in between to prevent scratching.

Cleaning kitchen wooden cabinets is a chore many of us would prefer to skip. However, routine cleaning and organising can ensure that your kitchen cabinets are continually in top-notch condition. Clean, organised cabinets also can add to a healthy cooking environment, while providing much-needed storage space.

a woman wiping the surface of a kitchen cabinet - Grease Off Kitchen Cabinets

The Best Solution to Clean Grease Stains from the surface of the cabinets

When you walk into the kitchen to cook a meal, nothing is more unappetising than a grease-stained cooking area. A greasy surface looks dirty and can kill any desire you had to work with your stove. Cleaning the grease stains out of your cabinet surfaces will make your kitchen more attractive.

Grease Stains

Grease stains in the kitchen usually show up near the stove. When you cook with oil, small spatters can stick to the back of the stove and nearby walls, and on kitchen cabinets. To remove the grease stain, you need to break up the oil first with a cleaning product.


For stubborn stains on your stove and cabinets, create a strong cleaning solution of 1 tsp. dishwashing liquid to 1 pt. warm water. Dip a soft sponge or cleaning pad into the solution and use it to scrub away the stains. The dishwashing liquid will break up the grease and clean it away. For grease stains on your wall or wallpaper, create a thick paste by adding water to baking soda. Spread the paste over the stain and let it dry. Brush it off with a soft cloth or gently with an old toothbrush. It will remove the stain as it flakes away.


You can prevent kitchen grease stains by removing grease before it has a chance to build up. Soak a sponge in your dishwater after cooking with oil and run it over your stove and cabinets to remove the grease. You can use just the suds on your walls to cut through grease before it can set into a stain.

How to clean Grease Off Kitchen Cabinets

How to Clean Grease From Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets situated near a stove often become greasy victims of fried food. This greasy mess is easily removed using everyday household items and natural cleaners without harsh chemicals.

  • Combine 3 tbsp. baking soda with 1 cup of hot water. Mix well.
  • Apply to a greasy area with a warm sponge (hot water helps remove the grease). Rinse with a clean sponge and wipe dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.
  • Spray a citrus cleaner on the greasy mess, then wipe with the hot sponge until no grease remains. Dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.
  • Form a paste with white distilled vinegar and baking soda to cut grease without using a chemical-based cleaner. Combine 1/2 cup baking soda with 1/4 cup vinegar to form a paste, then rub on greasy cabinets and let sit for 20 minutes. Wipe clean with a warm sponge and dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Tips & Warnings

One alternative is to use a damp sponge that has been microwaved for 30 seconds. Handle the steaming sponge with rubber gloves, as it will be hot. If you have food caked on your cabinets, dampen them with hot water and clean them using one of the above methods. If it remains, use a butter knife to gently loosen the food, then repeat your cleaning method.

Home Remedies To Clean Grease Off Of Kitchen Surfaces

Each time you cook in your kitchen, your kitchen cabinets acquire all sorts of grime and build-up. The greasy build-up is one of the worst types of build-up to have and often is the most difficult to completely remove. The cabinets look dull and dirty and feel sticky to the touch. There are effective home remedies to clean grease off greasy kitchen cabinets and keep them looking new.

Degreasing Dishwashing Soap With Natural Ingredients

Liquid dishwashing soap that has a degreasing agent–such as Dawn dish soap or Ivory liquid soap–will remove caked-on grease from kitchen cupboards. Use a mixture of dishwashing soap and hot water solution to get your cabinets looking new again.

Washing Soda The Easy Way

Washing soda, or sodium carbonate, has a pH of 11 and is extremely caustic, so wear gloves when using washing soda. To use washing soda to clean grease off kitchen cupboards and cabinets, mix a cup of washing soda in a bucket of warm water and scrub the cupboards with the mixture.

White Vinegar For Those Sticky Cabinets

White vinegar will cut through grease and kill germs and bacteria. Create a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. Spray your kitchen cupboards with the mixture and scrub with a scrub brush or wipe with a sponge. Do not rinse; allow the cupboards to air dry.

Homemade Degreaser For The Best Results

Create your natural degreaser solution by mixing 1 gallon of hot water with 1 cup of ammonia, 1/4 cup baking soda, and 1/2 cup solution of vinegar. Before using this solution, make sure the baking soda completely dissolves in the hot water. Use a scrub brush with the solution to tackle tough grease spots on your kitchen cupboards. Always wear gloves when cleaning with this solution and do not mix bleach with this solution. Bleach and ammonia create toxic fumes and can be deadly.