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18th August 2017

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Welcome back to my A Few Favourite Things series.  This week I have Carolin from Mummy Alarm showcasing her favourite things.  Join her for all the adventures she gets up to with her daughter Amy (who has the most wonderful wardrobe – seriously check out her Instagram feed!).

A Few Favourite Things – Mummy Alarm

I’m Carolin and I blog over on Mummy Alarm. Behind the scenes, I’m also tinkering on my travel blog Let’s Pack Our Bags which will hopefully launch very soon. Mummy Alarm is a parenting and lifestyle blog that focuses on the adventures of me and my daughter Amy. We’re currently living in Germany, where I am originally from, but Amy is spreading her British charm wherever she goes. Everyone loves her accent and language mix!

A Few Favourite Things - Mummy Alarm

Favourite room in your home

My favourite room is probably my bedroom. It’s where I spend most of my time – not in bed, I might add. It’s the only place I could fit a good-sized desk, so it’s where I work from. But don’t get me wrong, I also love lying on my bed reading or listening to my favourite tunes on Spotify. The room has a teal feature wall behind the bed and really reminds me of the sea – which happens to be my favourite place in the world.

Another room, which I really like is my living room. It’s a mix of grey, white, silver and yellow and it has a massive collage on the wall featuring my favourite places in Bristol. My sister got it for me for Christmas, just after we had moved back to Germany, and it made me cry my eyes out. It still makes me emotional looking at it but I absolutely love it.

A Few Favourite Things - Mummy Alarm

Favourite trend

I love the Scandi trend but with a bit of colour thrown into the mix – too much white just looks too sterile and characterless. Plus, it’s never a good idea with a child around – unless you don’t have any hobbies and love cleaning all day. I like to add a pop of colour with accessories like rugs or pillows and I’m a big fan of framed prints and photographs.

Favourite thing you own

Besides all my childhood photos, the most valuable thing I own is a little ceramic owl that Amy’s daddy got me for Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago. It’s a handmade piece by Bristol-based artist Hannah Turner and he spotted it in the window of a little shop on a night out. Knowing I would love it, he went back to get it when the shop was open again on a Monday morning. It’s one of the very few things I’ve got left of him and I plan to pass it on to Amy when she’s older.

A Few Favourite Things - Mummy Alarm

Favourite colour

I love blue tones. As I mentioned before, the sea is my absolute happy place, so I love surrounding myself with colours that remind me of it. Blues also have a really calming effect on me and help me to relax, although I have to admit that I’m a pretty chilled out person as it is. But maybe that’s because of all the blues!?

Favourite season

I love them all. I love spring because everything comes to life. I love summer because it means beach days, ice cream and BBQs with my family. I love autumn because the leaves change their colours into the most beautiful warm tones, the foggy mornings give a touch of mystery to everything and because October is my birthday month. And I love winter because Christmas is one of my favourite things in the world. I get so excited about buying Christmas presents, snuggling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate, singing Christmas carols and all the snow we get here in Germany.

Favourite about where you live

After almost 7 years of living in Bristol, I’m back in the small German town that I grew up in. It’s not far from the Baltic Sea which is something I absolutely love but it certainly can’t compete with Bristol in terms of its vibrancy. Growing up, I knew I wanted to live in a big city with lots of concerts, galleries, and a creative scene but I’ve learned that those aren’t the most important things in life. I love having my family close instead of a thousand miles away, I love that Amy starts school aged 6 and not 4 and I love that sometimes the known can just be as exciting as the unknown.

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