Why you still need your gardener in winter

19th November 2018

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A gardener? In winter? I must have lost the plot, right? Plot, gardening, pun totally not intended but let’s roll with it.

Of course, as soon as we see the first rusty orange leave of autumn, we’re quick to ditch the gardening and pack up tools for winter. To the back of the shed those sheers go, never to be seen again until next spring.

What your gardener can do for you this winter

Any garden service knows that our gardens aren’t generally a priority for us over the colder months. Whether they’re sodden with heavy rainfall or covered in snow, we don’t call on the green grass of home from October to March as we do during BBQ season, when paddling pools and water guns take centre stage in child’s play.

But, we could actually be missing a trick when it comes to garden maintenance, didn’t you know? We tend to get more excited about garden landscaping and upkeep when we can see summer on the horizon, but autumn-winter is actually a fab time to give your garden an overhaul.

Time for a garden redesign?

As soon as plants begin to die away as the weather turns cold, this is the optimum time to carry out a garden redesign. Your gardener will be able to see all garden space as clearly as possible, with greenery at a minimum. It will also keep your garden waste disposal costs to a minimum.

With the job done in autumn, let the ground lie over winter, and simply book for your gardener to touch things up in March. You’ll have the best-looking lawn around without the rush and worry of finding a gardener last minute in spring. Savvy.

Winter gardening upkeep

Of course, not everyone needs or wants to invest in a full-garden makeover, but that isn’t to say that it isn’t handy to have a gardening service in winter. Perhaps there are brambles to attend to, weeds that are easier to ward away in cooler temps, or ivy to control. It’s all part and parcel of standard winter gardening upkeep.

With wild winds, torrential rain, and bitter, icy temps, being on good terms with your gardener over winter means that any damage can be quickly and efficiently repaired.

You might not plan to spend much time outdoors in your garden now that Bonfire Night is done and dusted, but don’t ditch your gardener. Put the time into your garden now and benefit fully as soon as that random bit of sunshine hits next spring in April!

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Photo Credit: Tom Byrom

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