What You Need To Begin A Tyre Fitting Business

14th November 2018

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The vast majority of motorists don’t have a clue about their car. They don’t know how to fit the tyres on, how to check the brake pressure, how to change a headlight or even how to change the oil. For those that do they save themselves a lot of money by doing the general maintenance, businesses offer at home. However many people will rely on somebody else to do these things for them and are willing to pay. One of these is fitting tyres to a car.

Starting your own tyre-fitting business

At first, it may sound simple but you’re dealing with many different car models from various manufacturers. Not to mention the different tyres and alloy wheels you’ll also need to know how to fit onto any given car. It’s a niche in most garages because they will do every other maintenance job for you at a cheap price but fitting tyres usually comes with other checks also. Making sure the metal isn’t rusting, the angle of the wheel is right, and even adjusting the brakes to fit the new tyres also.

Raising the car

The great thing about a tyre fitting business is that it can be a micro business. You can set it up in the back of your home, or in your garage. All you need to have is the knowledge of the sector in the car industry and what needs to be done for each car and customer that comes to you. One of the most basic and perhaps the most important things you need is a heavy-duty carjack. You need to lift any car that comes to you, so anything from as small as a Mini to the large 2 and or 3-tonne cars such as a Range Rover. To lift the car is one thing but sometimes you need to stop the car from rolling even while the handbrake is engaged. Therefore you should be car blocks that are put at the back of the tyre. A sledgehammer is also a good tool for loosening tyres that are stuck either due to being frozen or due to a collision of some kind.

The cautious side

You’re dealing with cars being lifted and moved around while you work at the side or underneath them. This is inherently a dangerous job to have. Buying safety boots with steel toecaps is something you should definitely consider. Cars rolling back and forth while being hoisted is pretty common. A tyre fitting machine is the bread and butter of your business, it’s used to fit tyres around alloy wheels but also take them off. Anything can go wrong when you’re working with cars, and that means human errors too. Get some motor trade insurance from One Sure Insurance to help protect you from clients in case anything does go wrong and their cars are damaged in your care. There is no limit to how many cars can be covered at any given time. Any repairs that are needed to be done will be done on this policy, perfect for any business mishaps.

It used to be that the younger generations all wanted to change up their tyres after buying some aftermarket alloys. However, tyres and wheels are becoming more and more affordable, which is great for anyone wishing to start their own tyre-fitting business.

Photo Credit: NeONBRAND Nathan Dumlao

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