5 Home Improvements To Add Value To Your Property

5th March 2019

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Many homeowners in the UK take out a homeowner loan to carry out home improvements every year, and there are a number of popular improvements that can really add value to your home, making your loan a very worthwhile investment.

With the right improvements you can enjoy increased comfort and practicality whilst you are living in the property, you can add to the appearance of your home, and you will find that the value has been boosted considerably if and when you decide to sell your property.

Home Improvements To Add Value To Your Property

Converting loft space

Often loft space goes to waste, and gets used to store junk, but imagine the extra usable space you could enjoy with a loft conversion. Not only will a loft conversion enable you to enjoy the benefits of a larger home, but it will also add considerable value to your property. Recently loft conversions in London have become a very popular choice for many londoners as moving home costs are far too high. You can use your loft conversion for anything from an extra bedroom to a study.

Adding an extension

This is another way to add additional room to the size of your property, so if you have the space then an extension could prove to be a great idea. You will enjoy a larger property, and can increase the amount of room that you have downstairs as well as upstairs. This is another great way to make the most of your homeowner loan by adding value to your property.

Replacing the kitchen or bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are rooms that are often scrutinized by potential buyers. They are also rooms in which you spend a great deal of time. Creating the right look and ambience for both of these rooms can be easy these days, and with a choice of great kitchen and bathroom designs available you can make these rooms look and feel perfect.

Replacement windows

Many people can be put off buying a property if the windows are shabby and old. Not only do they look bad upon first impression, but they also affect the light, heat, and comfort levels in your home. Replacement windows, such as those with double glazing, from a company like American Made Windows of the Upstate can help to increase energy efficiency and can improve the lighting, ambiance, and appearance of your home.


Having the right heating system in place is another important factor when it comes to the comfort and sale ability of your home. For most buyers central heating is a must these days, and by having central heating fitted you can enjoy cozier winters, a warmer home, and a more sellable property.

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  • Joanne Mallon 5th March 2019 at 11:11 AM

    Great tips here! I would add to this – fix any damp. It’s not the most exciting job, but it really makes a difference, especially to an older house, and if you don’t, damp could affect the value if you sell.

  • Kelly 5th March 2019 at 12:09 PM

    Yes we’ve done most of these things. Next on the list – replacing the horrible front modern style windows with the original style of sash window.

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