Why a pressure washer is a gardening essential

6th April 2019

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There are many reasons why a power washer is a vital piece of equipment for around the house. Whether you are using it for the house or for the garden, a power washer is more versatile than most people think. A power washer is a gardening essential, in addition to cleaning things around the house.

How to utilise a pressure washer around the home and garden

The House

Most people think of power washing the siding of their house. This one of the most common uses of a power washer. You can use the power washer to wash the vinyl siding, brick and even wood exterior of the house.

Garage Door

When you are power washing the exterior of the house, don’t forget to wash the garage door. The garage door can get muddy and dingy with time. Power washing it brings it back to looking nice.

Driveways and Paths

These areas get a lot of traffic, both with the car and on foot. It can get dirty and grimy, which then gets brought into the house. It will look much better once it is giving a spray down.

Garden Fence

Once a year, consider power washing your fence. The garden fence can look old and dirty if it isn’t maintained. A power washer does a great job at keeping the fence clean. Whether it is vinyl or wood, don’t let the garden fence look tired and worn.

Deck or Porch

As time goes on, the decking or porch boards can develop a grimy look. By using the power washer on it at the start of the season, you can make it look like new. Power washing increases the amount of time between refinishing or restaining.

Patio Furniture

The patio furniture can get ugly looking, even when it still has a lot of life left in it. The cushions are designed to be wet, but it doesn’t exactly fit into the washing machine. Use the power washer to get the patio furniture looking like new.

The Grill

The grill can be a grimy, greasy and muddy. Scrubbing the grill is tedious and gross. Use the power washer to clean the grill.


If you find that you have wasp or bee nests that need to come down, you don’t have to climb up on the ladder to get it down. Use the power washer to knock the nests down. This also works for spider nests.

The Lawn Mower

As you use the lawn mower, it can get a build up of grass, grime, and grease. Use the power washer to get the mower clean. Not only will it be cleaner, removing this build up can increase the efficiency of the mower.

Wash the Car

No need to go to the car wash in order to get the car clean. Use the power washer. This takes the scrubbing out of the wash and it is more convenient to wash the car at home.

To make the most of your power washer, you want a model like this 1600W Pressure Washer. It gives you the versatility that you want to make the power washer a vital piece of equipment for your home.

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