The Most Interesting Entertainment Venues in Camden

The Most Interesting Entertainment Venues in Camden

7th April 2022

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Since you clicked on this article, I take it for granted that you have heard great things about Camden and you would like to understand what this buzz is all about. 

First things first, Camden is a district in the northwest part of London. It is an area that combines all types of people and tastes since there are both very poor and very rich neighbourhoods in the district.

Whatever your heart desires, you can find it in Camden. The options are endless. However, in this article, we will make things a bit easier for those who want to visit the specific district by naming some of the most fascinating entertainment venues that everyone must visit in Camden. 

Some most fascinating entertainment venues to visit in Camden

The Most Interesting Entertainment Venues in Camden

Crazy Golf

Let’s start with the most popular family-friendly activity in the area. Crazy golf has become the most loved leisure activity for families, groups of friends and couples in the whole of England. Finding a creative and challenging course is the key to making you fall in love with this simple and fun game. You are in luck since crazy golf in Camden is a competitive business and owners try their best to always be on top of their game. 

Camden Market

There are several different markets in the area which are pretty close to each other. They are all famous for their quirky, casual and alternative clothing and accessories. Honestly, you can spend a whole day there, coming up with trendy outfits. Besides all the stalls there, you can also find over a thousand shops, cafes and bars to do your shopping and grab a bite of delicious snacks and meals. 

The Most Interesting Entertainment Venues in Camden


Camden is the home to some of the greatest pubs in London. There are so many great ones you can visit that pub crawls, meaning groups of people who go from one pub to another, are organised frequently and you can join in either you are with your friends or alone. Make sure that you don’t drink more than you can handle, and it is guaranteed that you will have the time of your life. You just have to be warned that there are some pubs that target people who love metal or goth, so if you are not in that target group, it will be a better idea to skip them. 

Music Venues

Camden is famous for its music history. In pubs, clubs and bars in the area, some of the biggest names in the world music industry gave their first-ever performances in front of an audience. Owners and creative managers in such places make sure to discover unique performers and singers in order to offer a diverse and original programme to their customers. Thus, most of them provide visitors with amazing music and a mixture of other performing arts performances. The places you should definitely check out are The Roundhouse, KoKo and The Stables.