What to give for Valentine's Day

What to give for Valentine’s Day

20th January 2023

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Valentine’s Day gifts and cards are important exchanges between couples. There are some important things to remember about gift giving on this special day.

Valentine’s Day gift-giving is a time that can cause feelings of excitement, anticipation, worry, and frustration for those seeking out something to buy as a present for Valentine’s Day or purchasing a Valentine’s Day card. Remembering some simple things can help Valentine’s Day run smoothly.

Things to Consider When Buying Valentine’s Day Card and Gift

Having just started dating and being a new couple can be a time of anticipation and dread when it comes to Valentine’s Day. It is exciting to have someone to share Valentine’s Day with, but the card can be difficult to figure out how to sign, and sometimes it can be hard to think of a gift. As well, couples who have been together a while sometimes forget important touches. Here are some things to remember:

  • What card is given – It is important what the card says; it can be funny or serious, as long as it reflects the way the couple interacts with each other.
  • How the card is signed – never just sign a name or write from before the name, but also don’t sign “love” if it isn’t a true feeling or the relationship isn’t at that level yet. Write something cute inside the card that reflects or is relevant to the time spent together.
  • What gift is given – whether bought or created, it should in some way be something special and, if possible, specific between the couple, like a silly gift remembering a funny incident or a romantic recreation of a special date.
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First Valentine’s as a Married Couple

Remember the first Valentine’s Day as a married couple requires something special. A card, along with a gift to be treasured for years to come, would be a nice touch. Now any Valentine’s Day celebrations that follow in years to come might be about chocolates, flowers, or dinner out, but the first one should be something tangible to be treasured.
You could accompany a physical gift with an experience, or in future years, book something you know your other half will enjoy. If they enjoy travelling, you could book a weekend away somewhere together for example. If they enjoy spa days, you could research for a ‘Professional Massage near me‘ to find local spas that provide treatments and let your partner indulge in a relaxing experience. You could even book a duo spa experience so you can both enjoy each other’s company as you celebrate valentines together. 

Reinvent a Gift by Adding a Special Touch

After being married for a while, it can be hard to think of something to give to surprise someone. It may even be tempting for couples to skip the day, but really it is a day to celebrate being together. Giving any of these reinvented gifts and spending some time reminiscing over the memories of when that gift or card was first given will create a sentimental surprise. Here are some ideas:

Search for a previously given gift like a watch or pen or, for example, that was a gift during the dating years, and have it engraved. Find a current family photo, downsize it, and add it to a previously given locket. Purchase a new chain for an old pendant, or have a ring that doesn’t fit anymore resized. Gather cards from previous Valentine’s Days, anniversaries, and birthdays and put them together into a photo album or scrapbook.

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When deciding what to give for Valentine’s Day, keeping in mind the things for couples to remember about gift-giving should help Valentine’s Day go smoothly. Appropriate gifts and cards should be chosen in consideration of what stage in the relationship the couple is in, and cards should be signed meaningfully and truthfully. Some gifts given along the way will be treasured for years to come and maybe even reinvented, creating another layer of memories.