How to Clean Up for Holiday Guests in a Hurry

23rd December 2019

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It never fails. Just when you think you have a moment to rest during the holiday season, you get the news that holiday guests are dropping by. Your first thought might be to panic, and just throw bed sheets over everything so guests can’t see your dust and clutter. But the truth is, there are fast and efficient ways to get your home tidy even in a limited time.

6 Helpful tips on how to clean up for holiday guests

Look below at helpful tips on how to clean up for holiday guests in a hurry, and see how easy it can be to get spiffy fast!

6 Ways to clean up for holiday guests in a hurry

Keep a clutter bin nearby

Keep a bin or basket nearby that can be used to toss all the clutter in. This might be socks, shoes, books, and all of those random items that end up everywhere they aren’t supposed to. Throw these items into the bin and then set the bin in a closet. After guests leave, you can put items away where they belong!

Get out the sanitising wipes

Don’t waste time spraying surfaces and looking for cleaning rags. Instead, grab pre-moistened sanitising wipes. Use these to wipe down counters, electronics, tables, mantels, bathroom surfaces, and all of the other hard surfaces that need a scrub.

Fabric refresher spray is your best friend

Take some fabric refresher spray and use it on curtains, sofas, chairs, area rugs, and other soft surfaces. This will help pull out odour and give the home a fresh feel as soon as guests walk into the space.

A lint roller works wonders

This tip is especially handy if you have pets! Take a lint roller and roll it over upholstered furniture to pick up pet hair, lint, and dust. Roll it over pillows, bedspreads, and other soft areas where dust and hair may accumulate. This is much easier than pulling out sweeper attachments.

Try this quick carpet cleaning hack

Sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet and let it sit while you complete another task. After 15-20 minutes you can then vacuum over the baking soda. As you do, you will help remove dirt, debris, and odour from the carpet and leave it nice and clean.

Light some candles

Remove any lingering odour by lighting a few scented candles. It will not only smell amazing but add ambience to your space. Your guests will most likely notice how your home smells before they notice how it looks, so make a great first impression by keeping some candles in the entryway.

The next time you get the news that holiday guests are on the way, don’t panic. Instead, consider these tips on how to clean up for holiday guests in a hurry. You will find that these tips are easy to follow, helpful, and maybe even a little fun!

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