Expeditions to India with your family

18th May 2019

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India is an amazing country. There are all sort of places and activities you can do with your family. Your next family holiday could be the adventure of your lives if you chose India as your preferred destination. Here are some ideas for your next family expedition to India…


This is a state in India with a good weather that will allow you to explore the place. One of the best experiences while you visit this part of India is the opportunity to play with an elephant. You can even take a ride on top of it. Few people outside India have ever been so close to these magnificent creatures. Not to mention the chance of riding on top of it. Even kids can get a ride!


If you are at Mahabaleshwar in summer time, then you will make it for some strawberry harvesting. You can arrange a tour to pick up this delicious fruit with your own hands. Take a horse ride in the field and enjoy some fresh air. This sort of expedition is out of the box. Enjoy it with your family!


Not everything in India is in the countryside. You can get some excellent sightseeing time on your next holiday if you book to Delhi. Visit the Taj Mahal among a long list of historical places. There are lots of tours suitable for families with comfortable seats and schedules.


While some families are in for trekking and river rafting in Himachal, others may not. That is not a reason to miss the natural landscape of the Himalayas on the Indian side. Your next adventure could be a jeep safari, or a light hiking adventure. There are plenty of choices and family friendly adventures to enjoy a unique getaway with your family.

Andaman and the Nicobar Islands

The beaches in India are a must do activity. Chose the Andaman region for your next family trip. The waters are not too deep and perfect for bathing with kids. You may see some elephants enjoying themselves, and there are plenty of options for water activities.

You can go for scuba diving or snorkeling for the youngest members of the family. Walking in water is one of the most unusual activities in Andaman beaches. Pick it to live unforgettable moments. We are sure you will not want to go back.

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