Turn your spare room into a stylish home office

13th June 2018

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Whether you work from home or you are looking for a space to write the next bestseller, designing an effective office space will allow you to strike the perfect balance between peak productivity and casual comfort. Whilst it can be tempting to just launch straight planning your interiors and making the room look good, it’s important to think about how to maximise the available space and optimise its efficiency.

How to turn your spare room into a stylish home office

A good place to start is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of work will I be doing in the space?
  • Will I need to invest in any technical equipment?
  • Will there be clients or customers visiting the office?
  • How many hours per day will I be using this space?

Considering these points allows you to plan for a functional yet stylish office environment no matter the size of the room.

No Distractions

The setting you work in should be conducive to productivity and you would be surprised how distracting loud colours and patterns can be. Keep your space calming with neutral hues such as grey and taupe for the walls and a cream carpet or laminate for the floor. Adequate lighting is essential so if the room lacks a large window then invest in some industrial size standard lamps if you are a fan of the mechanical-chic trend or some large airy paper lantern shades for a cool Scandi-inspired look.

Stock up

An efficient home office is the key to running a successful business or completing a challenging project and it is important to have equipment that meets your needs. Having a wireless hub allows you to use a number of devices from your desktop to your tablet and smartphone device and move around your office without being plugged in anywhere. Ensure you have the fastest broadband speeds so clients are not waiting for your responses and deadlines aren’t missed.

Invest in some ergonomically designed seating and computer equipment that is adjustable to suit your needs. Spending long hours seated and working at a computer puts you at greater risk of developing of repetitive strain injury (RSI). Avoid this by ensuring your back and wrists are adequately supported and make use of footrests and specially moulded shoulder supports for maximum comfort.

Finishing Touches

Just because you want your space to be highly functional and a powerhouse of efficiency doesn’t mean that you can’t add some of your unique style and personality to the room. Neutral walls can be enhanced with a stunning canvas or framed print and Fine Art America is the perfect place to go for custom prints and individual wall art. It has a range of stylish subjects to choose from including their new ‘Frame of Mind’ collection featuring inspirational quotes and images, perfect for boosting your energy and encouraging you to achieve. You could also invest in an air-cleaning plant like an Aloe Vera or spider plant, great for adding a pop of colour – just don’t forget to water it.

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