Top tips on decluttering your home

2nd January 2018

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It’s so easy to have your living space filled up with unwanted birthday presents and useless things that you bought at a charity shop 6 months ago but have no use for. It can happen without being noticeable for a long time but having too much rubbish in your house can drastically eat into the storage space for things you actually want to own.  Here are some top tips on decluttering your home to get rid of items easily and without accidentally throwing away something that you wanted to keep.

Top tips on decluttering your home

Top tips on decluttering your home

Use the attic

If you have space in the attic you can take boxes of anything in your house that you don’t think you need. Take it up to the attic and leave it there for a few months. If after that tie you haven’t gone up there to get anything from those boxes or missed anything in there at all, then you know that there is probably nothing in there of value and they don’t deserve space in your home.

Making money from your clutter

The internet is an incredible place and there are so many places where you can buy and sell pre-owned items to make a little extra money. If you think you want to get rid of something but aren’t sure, go online and see how much you might be able to sell it for. if it turns out to be worth a little bit of money, think of something else that you could buy with that cash that would be useful to you and it makes that piece of clutter a little bit easier to let go of.


If you have the time then it helps phenomenally if you’re able to go through the places with the most clutter in them and reorganise them to make more efficient use of the space. Once you’ve done this it should be clear what you have given priority to and what sits at the back. Those items at the back of all the cupboards and draws are probably candidates for things that you could do with getting rid of.

Keep a list

Write a list of whatever you can think of that might be in your house that you want to throw away. This helps greatly when going around the house identifying what you don’t need as you’ll have already thought about the pros and cons of keeping something and so can make the process of deciding whether or not to keep something, more efficient.

Top tips on decluttering your home

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