Tips to Stay On Budget During The Holidays

5th November 2019

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The holiday shopping season is just around the corner. This means you’ll be making your list and checking it twice, trying to find out who’s site at the best price. Trying to stay on budget during the holidays is no easy feat, you’ll be bombarded with deals for Black Friday, sales for Cyber Monday and marketing will be ramped up for retailers looking to get your money.

If you’re concerned about your spending habits during the holidays and want to find some ways to stay away from a spending frenzy then continue reading for some tips that will help you stay on budget.

Tips to Stay on Budget During The Holidays

Make a Holiday Expense List

Sit down to make a holiday expense list. This will include items like wrapping paper, gift ideas, stocking fillers, items for any holiday gatherings, and so on. Figure out what you’re going to have to spend money on this holiday season so that you can start using the rest of these tips to stay on budget.

Use Deal Apps

Look for some good deal apps, everyone has their preferences for the best money saving apps out there, but try to find ones that will save you the most money for everything you have to buy this holiday season. Be sure to check out your favourite retailer’s circulars for sales to get the best prices.

Make a Budget

You’re not going to get very far staying on budget during the holidays if you don’t have a budget to follow along with. Sit down to determine how much money you can safely spend during the holiday season. Be certain to account for household bills so that you’re not falling behind during this season.

Track Your Spending

Create a spreadsheet to track your spending during the holiday season. This will help you keep track of where the money within your holiday budget is going. Keeping track of your spending during the holiday season will help you stay financially smart during the biggest spending season of the year.

Earn Cashback

If you shopping online then make sure you are going through a cashback website such as TopCashBack who offer a varying amount of cashback just for clicking through them first through to your chosen merchant. This soon adds up over the festive season and can be a nice little bonus for you in the New Year (please note that some cashback credits take longer than others to be payable in your account).

These are all just a few ways to make sure you stay on budget during the holidays. Knowing where you have to spend money, how much money you have to spend and where you can get the best deals are the top ways to make sure you stay on budget this holiday shopping season.

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