Ideas for stocking fillers without blowing your budget

7th December 2018

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When it comes to writing letters to Santa, it can be easy to think of the big ticket items that have caught our eye over the past few months.  This could be something you want, something you need, something read or something wear.  However, it is the smaller items, the stocking fillers that we often struggle to think of especially when shopping for others.

In years gone by the humble Christmas stocking was just a starter for the day.  Waking up on Christmas morning and finding your stocking filled with an apple, an orange, a pair of socks and a few nik-naks.  These days have gone, and they have been replaced with the excitement of finding a mixture of novelty items as well as practical gifts hidden inside. 

Shopping for Stocking Fillers

This is where PoundToy comes into play.  A one-stop site for all your stocking fillers, secret Santa gifts and party essentials.  All without blowing your budget.  With the items available broken down by price, age group or brand it helps you find the perfect items to fill your stockings this year.

Practical Gifts

Personally, I always like to add a practical item or two into the Christmas stocking. For children this is easily achieved with some new Crayola pens or colouring sets.  Giving them the opportunity to be creative, whilst still learning and perfecting their fine motor skills.

Novelty Gifts

The opportunity to throw in a slice of fun without any boundaries.  A slinky spring, chattering teeth, bouncing putty or even a Turkey hat.  With novelty gifts starting at just 50p means that you’re able to add an extra one without the guilt of overspending.

Christmas Munchies

I don’t think a Christmas stocking would be complete without a packet or two of Christmas munchies.  So whether you are looking to add some packets of Haribo, a selection box or a giant tube of their favourite sweets.  You’ll find them all for under £2.00.

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  • Hayley Warren 9th December 2018 at 10:05 PM

    I love it when people recommend stocking fillers that are actually affordable!

  • Anosa 10th December 2018 at 12:58 AM

    I do agree, stocking filler ideas have changed a lot from just a small treat like an apple to expensive jewellery and more

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