The cleaning products you need at home or on-the-go this Easter

18th April 2019

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If you’re having an Easter staycation, the two bank holiday days will provide you with a great opportunity to complete those cleaning tasks around the house that never seem to get completed during the shorter weekends. It’s finally time for you to get them ticked off your growing to-do list.

Bosch Home and Garden has two cleaning products that are a must-have for the long Easter weekend, regardless of whether you’re staying at home or taking a well-earned break away.

The GlassVAC for quick cleaning tasks around the home

If you love time and money-saving gadgets, the GlassVAC (RRP £79.99), the first cordless window vacuum from Bosch, is definitely up your street. Clean windows, indoors and outdoors, glass surfaces, tiles, mirrors, shower cubicles and also vacuum away condensation and spilled liquids. The GlassVAC can do it all and makes cleaning even easier.

At the same time, the cordless window vacuum boasts an exceptionally compact design, making it portable and light, and cleans surfaces quickly, with no streaks left behind.

The Fontus to keep everything clean, even if you’re away for Easter

Bosch’s Fontus (RRP £269.99), a cordless low-pressure cleaner, can also be used for multiple cleaning tasks at home over the bank holiday weekend, including sprucing up your garden furniture, getting your barbecue ready for the warmer weather and cleaning muddy boots.

However, if you’re going to be venturing further afield this Easter, the Fontus is the ideal cleaning product to take with you. Perhaps you need to clean the outside of the caravan, or get your camping equipment spick and span for the long weekend? Are you taking part in a muddy bike ride during your time away? Maybe you’ve taken your dog for a walk in the woods and need to wash their muddy paws before heading into your car or holiday home? The Fontus provides you with the freedom to tackle all of these jobs anytime and anywhere, even in places without power and water supply.

The powerful 18-volt battery ensures that you can work with the Fontus for up to 60 minutes, in any location, and its water tank holds up to 15 litres. Thanks to its removable filter, the Fontus can also be filled with rainwater or river water, so can be replenished whilst out and about. The filter ensures any particles or leaves left behind will not make their way into the tool itself, and it is easy to clean after use.

For ultimate flexibility, the Fontus features four spray patterns and three pressures, providing you with a total of 12 cleaning variants. It also comes with a SmartBrush, perfect for cleaning windows and bikes with ease. It attaches directly to the gun, allowing full use of the different pressure modes and spray patterns when in use.

No matter where you are this Easter weekend, the Fontus and the GlassVAC from Bosch Home and Garden will meet your cleaning needs.

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