Tips to Overcome Fear

29th October 2020

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With everything going on in this world it’s no wonder more of us are living with high levels of fear. While having fear is a good protection mechanism, it can be dangerous to your mental health in high doses. That’s why I wanted to share some tips to overcome fear so that you can have more control over your fear to live happier and less anxious. 

What causes fear?

Generally speaking, fear is a response that helps protect us whenever we’re in threat of harm whether it’s imaginative or real.  When fear starts sneaking in for an imaginative reason, it can become an unhealthy habit that will deteriorate your day. Fear is a feeling that protects us, but as we get older and have more experiences, fear can become an unhealthy response to things that aren’t truly a threat to our health or safety. 

What are the negative effects of fear?

Living with constant fear can have detrimental effects on our life. Not only can you start having major physical ailments, but it can deteriorate your mental health. Some of the negative effects of fear include a weakened immune system, cardiovascular issues, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, and decreased fertility. 

Tips to Overcome Fear

Tips to Overcome Fear

Use Humour

Society has far too little laughter these days and that lends a lot to the fact that many of us are full of fear and more stressed. Try to use humour to relax your fears. You can watch a funny video compilation on YouTube, read hilarious memes, or talk to a friend who is known to make you laugh. 

Get Active

Exercise has a great way to take your mind off things that cause stress or fear. Research new physical activities that you would enjoy doing such as daily walks, yoga, or Zumba and other exercise routines. Having a way to get active regularly will keep your fear manageable so that you’re no longer consumed by fear. 

Sit with Fear

Allow yourself to sit for a few minutes feeling the emotion of fear. Recognise the feeling, notice how fear impacts your body, and mind. The only way you can overcome something is by noticing how it impacts your body, mind, and soul. Once you’ve sat with fear for a few minutes, you can start to understand why you feel this way and work towards overcoming it. 

let out your stress

These are just a few tips to overcome fear so that you can have more control over your thoughts and try to get fear under control. When you work to create new habits that minimize irrational fear, you’ll soon feel more confident and balanced in everyday life.