10 Healthy Foods to Eat Every Day

17th January 2023

Packing your diet with loads of nourishing, natural and healthy foods is a far better, and much tastier way to eat for good health than chewing on a diet bar or having a shake instead of lunch.

Great Ways to Create a Home that Enhances Your Well-being

13th January 2023

Never underestimate the power of setting on your mental state. The exterior has a massive influence over your interior world. This means that if you want to create a better sense of well-being, then you need to pay attention to your home and use it to help create the feeling you want.

5 Easy Top Tips to Reduce Christmas Bloating!

13th December 2022

We all like to indulge in our favorite festive foods, but if your digestive system ends up feeling bloated, windy and uncomfortable, there are a few tricks that can help you enjoy the Christmas treats without feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

Make a Healthy Life More Fun

23rd October 2022

Some people despair when they hear the phrase “healthy lifestyle” it’s an eternal aspiration and routine failure, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Instead of striving to live a healthier lifestyle, you can alter your mindset and attitude, helping to integrate healthy living into everyday life. 

10 Journal Prompts to help you feel more grateful

26th September 2022

A journal prompt is usually a question or a thought. It encourages you to think about something and to make a note of how that might make you feel, or what you might want to do, for example. Gratitude is a great way to help you feel more positive mentally, and journaling what makes you feel grateful can act as a true reminder of how good things are. With that in mind, here are some journal prompts to help you feel more grateful. 

What Journal prompts can you use at the end of the day?

17th July 2022

Journaling at the end of the day can be a really great way to end your day on a high. As you head to bed and try and relax to fall asleep, we all know that this is often a prime time for our minds to go into overdrive. You start thinking about things that have happened during the day, what you might need to do tomorrow, and even things that are completely out of your control.

Improving your mindset in the workplace

17th June 2022

There are so many things we have to consider when we step through the doors of work or the business we own or run. Many plates spin from sales to marketing opportunities but the one thing that can get neglected is your mindset as you walk through the door, sit at your desk or begin your day, wherever that may be.

The Menopause: The What, When and Why

14th June 2022

The Menopause is a time in a woman’s life where their bodies begin to change. You may find that those particular times of the month are no longer gracing themselves with their presence. You may be surprised that menopause can start as early as at the age of forty, but you will certainly have begun to experience some of the symptoms by the time you reach fifty-eight.

10 Journal prompts to start your day in the right way

23rd May 2022

mon to not want to get out of bed in the morning and face the day, but journaling can really help you to align your mind in a more positive way, having an impact on your morning and the rest of the day. So if you are interested in giving journaling a go in the morning, here are some of the journal prompts to start your day in the right way. 

9 Quotes to motivate you to declutter your life

12th May 2022

We can all declutter our life. Be those friendships that have gone astray, things from past relationships, or just spending time freeing up space in our minds by saying no to the things we don’t want to do. It is possible. So here are some of the quotes to help motivate you to declutter your life.