The 6 Best Places to Move and Why

The 6 Best Places to Move and Why

22nd April 2024

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Remote work has transformed our planet into an endless supply of options for those in search of somewhere to call home, providing us with plenty of places that offer something different than where we currently reside. Be it bustling megacities or charming villages where time has stood still, our world has it all for those wanting a new adventure, with each location boasting its own set of advantages that appeal to travel-hungry souls as well as wise minds alike. Below, we will look at six great places, each unique in its own way but all offering something special.

Great places to consider moving to

Tokyo, Japan Offers Futuristic Harmony

Tokyo, Japan Offers Futuristic Harmony

Tokyo offers an unrivaled blend of ultramodern living and ancient traditions, making it an irresistible destination for those in search of futuristic harmony. Tokyo stands as an astounding testament to cutting-edge architecture and technological progress. But amid this high-tech landscape, Tokyo preserves its historical beauty with great care. Ancient temples and shrines provide tranquil havens in the middle of cities, where one can temporarily step away from the bustle of urban living.

Blending old with new is seamless in Tokyo, high-speed trains whisk visitors away to peaceful corners like Shinjuku Gyoen’s classical gardens for moments of respite, while districts like Akihabara offer cutting-edge electronics and pop culture trends. Tokyo’s cuisine mirrors this cultural hybridization perfectly, with Michelin-star restaurants coexisting alongside charming izakayas that serve delicious items from exquisitely prepared sushi to comforting bowls of ramen.

Such juxtaposition between tradition and modernity makes Tokyo an unforgettable cultural experience for anyone interested in witnessing how differences coexist harmoniously.

Lisbon, Portugal Offers Sunshine and History

Lisbon, Portugal’s radiant capital city, draws a crowd with its sunny disposition and rich historical tapestry. This coastal gem enjoys over 300 days of sunshine annually, creating an idyllic scene for its maze like cobbled streets and historic monuments.  Lisbon offers an exquisite synthesis of tradition and modernity, where Age-of-Discovery landmarks like Jeronimos Monastery and Belem Tower stand alongside modern marvels like MAAT Museum.

Cultural enthusiasts find great pleasure in discovering each neighborhood’s distinctive features, from Fado melodies in Alfama to lively nightlife in Bairro Alto. Add this to its high quality of life and reasonable living costs and you have yourself an ideal place to call home.

Switzerland Is an Inspiration of Nature, Precision and Luxury

Switzerland Is an Inspiration of Nature, Precision and Luxury

Switzerland stands as an ode to nature’s grandeur that seamlessly co-exists with human precision and an eye for luxury. Nestled within Europe’s heart lies Switzerland, with a landscape ranging from snow-capped Alpine peaks to tranquil lakes that reflect heaven above.

Zurich and Geneva boast a unique synthesis of innovation and tradition, boasting world-renowned museums, luxurious shopping districts, and cutting-edge research institutions. The Swiss are watchmaking pioneers. Their commitment to quality can be seen everywhere, from their punctual public transportation systems to their meticulous culinary preparation. Fondue and chocolate aren’t simply food, they’re cultural symbols representing warmth and indulgence.

Switzerland’s mountains and lakes offer ample opportunity for skiing, hiking, and sailing adventures. Switzerland, despite its compact size, offers an abundance of experiences, embodying modernity as well as time-honored traditions to form an exquisite harmony between nature, precision and luxury. Moving to Switzerland for either work or pleasure will leave an indelible mark upon anyone who experiences its hospitality.

Queenstown, New Zealand Is The Adventure Capital with a View 

Queenstown in New Zealand serves as the epitome of natural beauty and adventure, earning its distinction as “Adventure Capital of the World.” Queenstown offers the ideal setting for an array of adrenaline-pumping activities. Set against the stunning Southern Alps and nestled along Lake Wakatipu, its idyllic setting makes this town truly spectacular. From bungee jumping and skydiving to jet boating and skiing, there are countless thrill-seeking activities to keep adrenaline seekers satisfied.

Beyond thrill-seeking activities, there are also serene alternatives like stunning hiking trails, boutique wineries and spa retreats which offer serene experiences.

Copenhagen, Denmark Is an Exemplar of Work-Life Balance 

Copenhagen, Denmark Is an Exemplar of Work-Life Balance 

Copenhagen, Denmark has long been considered an example of work-life harmony, successfully balancing career demands with the quality of personal life in an admirable fashion. This city provides an ideal combination of biking-friendly streets, expansive green parks, and an emphasis on sustainable living, creating an idyllic yet productive lifestyle. Danish culture has perfected hygge, an approach to comfort and contentment that manifests in cozy cafes, communal dining experiences, and strong social support networks.

Copenhagen’s work culture is distinguished by flexible work arrangements, generous parental leave policies, and an average workweek that is shorter than in many other countries. These factors contribute to Denmark’s high happiness ratings, placing it regularly at the top of world’s happiest country lists. Copenhagen stands out as an exemplary model of modern urban living, where both productivity and happiness flourish simultaneously.

Montreal, Canada Is A Melting Pot of Cultures and Languages 

Situated on Montreal Island near the confluence of the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa rivers, Montreal serves as a living testament to cultural diversity and linguistic versatility. This Canadian city is widely revered for its unique blend of French and English influences that pervades every aspect of language, food, arts, and culture, creating an enriching cultural experience.

Montreal’s identity is marked by its prominence as one of the world’s largest francophone cities outside France, yet it thrives with a vibrant multilingual and multicultural vibe. Here, one can explore both Old Montreal and Plateau Mont-Royal for historic charm, trendy streets, trendy stores, traditional French bakeries, or contemporary art galleries. Montreal hosts numerous festivals that highlight its cultural diversity, such as the world-famous Jazz Festival and the Just for Laughs comedy festival.

Montreal’s culinary scene reflects this vibrant city’s cultural mosaic, with an eclectic variety of cuisines that cater to every palate imaginable. This is an impressive feat given that Montreal not only embraces both its Indigenous roots and immigrant communities but is also an active example of cultural cohesion and harmony.

Montreal, Canada Is A Melting Pot of Cultures and Languages


Our planet is vast, and each person’s definition of their perfect home varies significantly. From energetic hubs that foster innovation and creative expression to idyllic landscapes or welcoming communities that feel like a group hug. Wherever it may be found, there’s sure to be somewhere suitable waiting for them on our map. These six locales serve as starting points to explore, dream, and potentially move. After all, home is not simply where our hearts lie, it is where dreams grow roots that nourish growth.

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