The Destinations The Air Stewards Will Always Recommend

The Destinations The Air Stewards Will Always Recommend

14th December 2023

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Sometimes as air stewards people can think that the lifestyle is glamorous, and is all fun and games. However, as a job, it can be pretty demanding. Thanks for being said I know that we get the opportunity to see so many fantastic places. Travel is something that many people wish they could do, and doing it as part of a job is a real privilege. There are always going to be the same destinations that many air stewards will come out with day in and day out, and I wanted to share with you some of the destinations you may find on that list.

As a job, we are so lucky to get to see these fantastic places. So I guarantee that some of them will be on your list too. Some would even be destinations that people would like to even live and work in. So I hope you start to feel inspired by some of the best destinations that you can see.

Destinations to visit, as recommended by air stewards

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a bustling and vibrant city. With an impressive skyline. So it’s worth stopping by on your travels further on. You could consider heading up the two towers and taking in the view on the observation deck. Or just take some time to enjoy the shopping, which is amazing. KL, as the locals like to call it, is a foodie paradise. Malaysia has a multicultural diversity and this is very evident in the food and overall look of the cities, especially Kuala Lumpur. You could also think about travelling onwards as Kuala Lumpur is a great stopover destination for further travels.


Dubai is normally seen as a stopover destination, but it should be much more than that. You should definitely try and spend some time in this place. Again, much like Abu Dhabi, you have fabulous shopping malls and mazing restuarants which you can search and book via Square Meal UAE. This place is one to have your credit card close by. However, there are fabulous souk markets where you can witness the beautiful gold, and textiles and take in the atmosphere.



Singapore is a fabulous city nation that you must see at some point in your life. A financial megahouse, the city is a metropolis full of fabulous buildings and amazing sights to see. This can be one of the places you could potentially live in, and keeping a track of the latest property news in Singapore could be the best way to ensure that you are aware of rentals or even purchasing property out there. It has a tropical climate, but that really shouldn’t be a reason not to go. It is definitely one to add to your list.


USA is vast with its fifty states and endless locations to visit. It is also classed as a long haul with flights ranging from eight hours to more depending on where exactly you are going. There are some really popular destinations in the USA. Of course, one of the first to mention would be the state of Florida. You have Orlando which is famed for Disney and some of the world’s best theme parks and attractions. But Florida can also be a place to relax and it is actually known for having one of the best beaches in the world, Clearwater.

Another destination to mention would be the state of California. With Los Angeles being the playground for the rich and famous, the beautiful city of San Francisco to explore, the Instagram opportunity of having a picture with the Golden Gate Bridge as your backdrop. There are even road trip opportunities where you can explore other areas like Santa Barbara, Laguna Beach or Santa Cruz.

Texas is another up-and-coming state thanks to some of the amazing cities it has such as Austin and San Antonio. Las Vegas in Nevada, Washington DC where it all happens, there are probably too many to mention, but the USA is one of those long-haul places you have to go and really explore the different states.



Sometimes the furthest destinations are the best, and Australia is one of the places you may want to think about. There are, of course, some amazing destinations such as Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. As air stewards, they have some great recommendations for some of the other places you could see. Perhaps you could take in some of the best attractions and locations that are not exactly celebrated but should be.

Fancy holidaying where the Australians do? Then head to Noosa. A beautiful coastal town with glorious beaches, excellent bars and restaurants and a real relaxed vibe. If you want to experience something like never before then head to Phillip Island, certain times of the year will give you the chance to watch the penguins make their march. Swimming in the Great Barrier Reef is also going to be on your bucket list I am sure.

Australia is also the perfect destination for the ultimate road trip. You could really do some serious travelling around and get to see some of the most beautiful locations.

South America

Finally, you have South America, and there really are some great destinations and countries to visit. Mexico, Chile, and Peru. You could even visit Machu Picchu which is yet another wonder of the world if you wanted to. Mexico is actually a favourite hotspot for holidays, thanks to its Caribbean and Pacific coastlines.

In Mexico itself, you have the city of Cancun or the Riviera Maya area where the beaches of white sand stretch on for miles. However, Brazil and Rio De Janeiro could also be great places to go. With Rio being an up-and-coming destination for holidaymakers it is easy to see why. Don’t forget the Christ The Redeemer statue to see here which is definitely a highlight to add to the bucket list for sure.

I hope this has inspired you to consider some of the amazing destinations that you could consider when taking holidays. Plus there are some amazing reasons to venture on some of the longer trips and let the air stewards take care of you.

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