The chances are that when you made your New Year resolutions at the beginning of the year, you focused on two facets of your life: money and health. Everyone wants to begin the year with a positive and refreshed frame of mind. You yearn for a prosperous 2018 and want to instil a new sense of sound money management into your everyday life. At the same time, you want to be healthy. You don’t simply want to shift those stubborn few pounds that you put on over Christmas, you want to keep the weight off, become fitter, enhance your immune system and be the epitome of good health.… View Post

Debunking your myths about online selling

Debunking your myths about online selling

Many of us know the benefits of selling our unwanted things online but aren’t sure how to get started which means we miss out on making ourselves some extra money. We often hear stories of when things go wrong with online selling and these rarities become our excuses for letting things pile up in our cupboards somewhere between ‘will never use again’ and ‘I can’t throw that in the bin!’

Here are some common myths to online selling which I can hopefully debunk for you and inspire you to start clearing out those cupboards and making some money!… View Post

Investing Isn’t Just For The Super Rich …

Investing Isn’t Just For The Super Rich Anymore!

One of the most common assumptions people make is that being able to invest your money is something that’s really only ever the preserve of the incredibly wealthy. After all, we’ve all got this vague idea in our minds of the Wall Street investor throwing around millions at a time, but the truth is that investment is taking totally new forms in the 21st Century. It’s becoming something that’s much more accessible to everyday people rather than just being something that the very rich can do. If you’ve always been tempted by the idea of investing your money but never thought that it was actually possible, here are some things that you can do in order to make it much easier.… View Post

How to Repair Your Credit Rating in 2018

How to Repair Your Credit Rating in 2018

If you fear you might have bad credit it can understandably make you want to bury your head in the sand; but similar to getting a medical check-up, whilst nerve-racking, it tends to be much better to know where you stand, so that you are in the empowered position to nip any issues in the bud rather than let them spiral out of control.

Repairing your credit rating is a journey that can take some time; however, it’s entirely possible for anyone to turn their credit rating around; even if you have previously been bankrupt, or are soon to be discharged.… View Post

5 Purchases You Never Seem To Have Time To …

5 Purchases You Never Seem To Have Time To Save For

No matter how frugal you are and how meticulously you planned your budget, something always crops up to send your finances into a spin. That’s fine though, right? You’ve got a healthy savings pot to cover all those unexpected expenses. There might be good intentions there, but most of us rarely have enough in the savings account when the unexpected expense crops up. There just never seems to be enough time to get that fund big enough!… View Post