Cryptocurrency – Don’t Be Like Everyone Else

24th October 2018

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Day Trading cryptocurrency has become something of a point of contention for some people. This is because when the boom first happened, people were drawn to the rapid expansion of the value of bitcoin, and thus the mining craze began. Things have cooled down, and Bitcoin is worth less than it was. But that doesn’t mean it’s less than ideal to start investing in, or learning the tools to cope and progress with your effort.

Just like any hype machine or trend, it’s easy for plenty of people to jump on the wagon, learn the basics, and consider themselves worthy of reaping all the benefits with little work. While we’re not here to criticise those who wish to get started for the first time, it can be very easy to slip into methods of crypto handling and behaviour that are less conducive to the positive reputation and worthwhile nature of this discipline.

In short, don’t be like everyone else. Be smarter, because if you’re reading a blog like this, you’re already someone who takes the initiative to learn. Consider our advice on investing in crypto for beginners here:

Beginners advice for Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency - Don't Be Like Everyone Else

See What Works

It might be worthwhile to heed the advice of those who have already managed to trade crypto in their own time, especially during the boom. Forums such as r/bitcoin and this day trade cryptocurrency guide can lend you plenty of advice, resources, and the confidence to begin heading out on your own.

While it might be that you have the best intuition in the world for pattern recognition and can see the variables that influence markets one way or another, acting as your best trading self will always mean learning from the professionals and the experts, seeing what works and what hasn’t in the past, and trying to join valuable trends as they occur. With those efforts, you’ll slowly begin getting a feel for the trading necessities you may need to take care of from day to day.

Consider Your Setup

Consider your personal setup. How are you to interact with these trading platforms? Do you have many devices with a cloud-synced portfolio platform to help you view trends? How well can you even read these figures and stocks, and how functional is your moment-to-moment calculative ability to help you stay competitive in your decision-making? If you choose to become a miner, have you researched the best graphical processing units to purchase for your computer build, and do you understand the energy costs you will incur running a rig like this?

Considering your setup is important before you begin to engage with this hobby, and additionally, partnering with a company like dex can prove advantageous as they’ll discuss your trading goals, strategies, and requirements to gain a thorough understanding of your needs. In turn, they can help to guide you through the entire process and offer tailored advice to optimise your experience to help you make informed financial decisions.

Know Your Goals

Knowing your goals will be essential. What are your objectives for day-trading? Long-term, incremental progress? Simple learning with minimal loss? Adding profitability to your firm, or simply adding a little more potential trading effort to your day? No matter who you are, knowing your goals is essential to moving forward with clarity and focus in the cryptocurrency world.

With these simple tips, you’re sure to start out the most informed you can be, helping you avoid rookie mistakes.

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