Choosing the best colour for your rooms made simple

17th October 2017

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Deciding on the colour scheme of the rooms of your home is one of the most important decorating decisions that you will have to make. The colour scheme used sets the tone for the whole area and used effectively can create a wonderful feel for your house. When it is complemented with features of the room it is incredibly classy, however, it can be difficult to choose the right colour to create the right tone for the room.

Choosing the best colour for your rooms made simple

Choosing the best colour scheme for your rooms made simple

Complementary colours

These colours will be situated opposite each other on the colour wheel and work together best of any possible combination of colours. If you have a favourite then make that the primary colour of the room whilst adding in splashes of its complement. This creates a very strong stylistic look with bold colours of opposing nature, balancing each other out to give the room a great overall feeling.


This is similar to complementary except instead of just two, you include three different colours that are triangular to each other on the colour wheel. Adding an extra colour to a room draws people’s eyes to multiple different places within the room where the multiple colours interact and makes the room feel very exciting with a lot going on, great for a kitchen or a child’s bedroom.

The size of the room

The best colour choice should also take into account the size of the room which is being decorated. If a room is very small and only has space for a few small features then a very bright colour pattern is going to feel very intense in the room and make those in there feel slightly claustrophobic. Likewise in a larger room, there is more space to experiment with colour choice and combinations as there will be enough wall space to have multiple colours interacting in different ways.

Choosing the best colour scheme for your rooms made simple

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