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Stress and Tension Headaches: How You Can Finally Resolve Them

26th June 2023

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Let’s be honest, stress is something we can all be affected by at some point in our lives. It is never easy to live your life, with things that can go wrong, challenges that are set to test us, and basically never really knowing what is around the corner. Of course, we can do our best to remain upbeat and positive, but stress can creep up on us and take over our minds. Often we are left with the aftermath of it, and this can manifest in many ways, more commonly as a tension headache.

How can you finally resolve tension headaches and beat the symptoms of stress? I wanted to share with you some of the things to consider. 

Stress and Tension Headaches: What causes them?

photo of woman holding her head - Stress and Tension Headaches: What causes them?

Figure out the trigger

One of the first things to think about would be what is actually causing you to feel this way in the first place. There will be a trigger to feeling stressed. It could be something that you are going through right now, it might be that you have things with friends or family to deal with or money worries. There could be a number of reasons, but knowing what it is that is causing you to feel this way can help you take the right steps to move forward with your life and start dealing with the way it makes you feel. 

Stress and Tension Headaches: How You Can Resolve Them?

photo of man holding black eyeglasses - Stress and Tension Headaches: What causes them?

Try alternative methods 

Perhaps you want to get rid of the headaches and are willing to try alternative ways to do it. There are a few different things to consider. If you happen to have really bad headaches then there are some herbal remedies that you could try. Whether you inhale them or vape them, it could help to reduce pain.

Meditation can also be a great way to relieve tension and stress headaches if you didn’t particularly want to take something for your suffering. As well as things like acupuncture that focus on pressure points. 


Maybe you could do with taking some exercise. This is one of the most common and easiest ways to resolve a tension headache. You could try a gentle jog or even just a brisk walk somewhere in the fresh air. Regular exercise can also be a way of combating stress levels in general, which can help to reduce to allow you to avoid things like headaches in the future. 

Change your lifestyle

Finally, a look at your lifestyle could help you to decide whether there are any positive changes you could make. It might be down to the food you eat, the amount of water you drink, and how active you are. These things can actually make tension headaches feel and seem much worse, due to a lack of nutrients and substance in the body. A lifestyle change is a commitment, and it can take time for you to see the benefits, but in the long term, it could definitely be worth it. 

I hope that these tips help you to finally resolve those stress and tension headaches.