Safety tips for driving in the winter

25th December 2018

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Icy roads, slushy sections, compact snow, and unplowed deep snowy roads are all common to the cold winter months of year in many areas. Too commonly, this time of the year also usually also brings with it, vehicles of many shapes and sizes, in the ditch, turned over, or smashed up along side other injured vehicles on the side of the road. In the following, will be discussed several great tips to avoid such accidents when driving on an icy road.

Tips to avoid accidents in the winter

Ensure your car is fit for travel with MOT

Before you make any journey you should always make sure that your car is fit for travel. Your tyres, wipers and brakes all need to be in good working order. Book MOT in London at DAT Tyres ahead of the bad weather or before taking any long journeys to ensure your car is in tip top condition. Also worth noting that you should have enough fuel to reach your destination and then some in case you get stuck in traffic.

Reduce speed

The number one, best tip to avoid an accident on an icy road, is slow down. Winter is not the time of the year to speeding around. A good idea can be to add an additional ten or fifteen minutes to your travel time, to assure that a slower speeds can be travelled and you have no need to rush.

Obey all speed and traffics signs

Even though posted traffic warnings and speed signs should be obeyed at all times of the year, winter makes it extremely important. When a sign signifies a sharp corner, it means a sharp corner! Any sharp corners or steep hills, will often be sharper and steeper when the roads are icy! When driving on icy roads, always make sure to obey all posted road signs.†

Stay back, stay safe

Icy conditions can easily, unexpectedly throw a vehicle any which way, in a matter of seconds. Whether your vehicle, or a vehicle around you, an accident can easily be avoided by staying back, and away from other vehicles on the road. And no Tailgating! Keeping enough distance between yourself and other vehicles, that you would have enough time to safely stop in the case there was an accident, is a great rule to follow when driving on icy roads.

Avoid aggressive driving

Often, along with tailgating comes also aggressive driving; which in turn, usually involves speed. All of these actions can very easily become the cause of an accident when driving on an icy road. The old adage, ëslow and steady, wins the raceí, is a very good piece of advice here. While it is best to avoid aggressively driving in these slippery conditions, it is also a very smart idea to avoid any of the other aggressive drivers out there, you may encounter on the road.

Stay back from vehicles that may be driving erratically, too fast, or too close to other vehicles. If they want to drive like an idiot, there is nothing you can do about it. You can, at least, avoid being part of any accident that may be caused by their vehicle.


The last very important tip for avoiding accidents when on icy roads is to always make sure you can see and that all angles of visibility are free and clear of ice, snow, and debris. There is nothing worse in icy conditions than to not be able to see the road in front of you or vehicles speed up behind you. If build-ups of snow, sludge or ice develop on exterior window surfaces, find a safe place to pull well off the road (making sure to not obstruct traffic), before attempting to remove any debris.

Accidents can many times be avoided. With our fast cars, fastpaced lifestyles and never enough hours in a day, one can easily get distracted when driving on any road conditions, especially at the end of a long day. When roads are icy, and speeds are best reduced; slow down, take your time, and get to your destination. Drive safe!

Safety tips for driving in the winter | Tips to avoid accidents in the winter

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